Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday Seven ~ April 13th 2019

Happy Saturday, what have you been up to this week? Here is a rundown of highlights for the week. I hope you find them useful in your life! My goal as a person and a writer are to always Pay-It-Forward so please let me know how I can help you. YES, YOU!
Enjoy your weekend & this post! Amazing things to come!

What am I Reading? - What if There Is Nothing Wrong With You: A Practice in Reinterpretation by Henkels Susan Munich ~ Susan Henkels has worked as a psychotherapist for more than 45 years. That means she’s spent decades smiling and nodding, decades handing over tissues at the appropriate moment — and decades hearing people tell her all the things about themselves that need to be fixed.
One day, as she was listening to a patient take her through the “whole list of what was wrong with her,” says Henkels, “I thought in the middle of this litany, ‘What? There’s actually nothing wrong with her.’”
From that moment, she realized there is a surprising power to be found in prompting people to ask themselves, “What if there’s nothing wrong with me?” Read More Here.

·       What am I Listening to? –  A lot of classic rock. I found a new radio station that plays it and it really is a good time. Even if I do not know the song I still enjoy it and I cannot say that about any other kind of music. The Eagles, Bob Segar, Fleetwood Mac, Three Dog Night, Elton John, Billy Joel, Carly Simon, James Taylor, America, Toto, etc.  FM 92.9 The Drive
·       What Quote am I pondering? –  Been an eventful week and the one that keeps swirling through my brain is “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming” ~ Dory from Disney’s Finding Nemo. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

·       What am I Researching? – Kidney Stones – a friend of mine suffers from chronic kidney stones, he passes about one every six weeks. Another friend found out very abruptly via screaming pain that he has a 4 cm kidney stone.  There are two things I immediately think of, someone said once that kidney stones are the closest thing the male of our species can experience that is close to the pain of Childbirth. This leads me to the Friends episode when Phoebe is giving birth and Joey has to pass a kidney stone (hilarious all around). There are several types of kidney stones, they are created and caused by varying things happening in your body. #1 thing to do is, during A LOT of water, pass the stone and then have it examined to reveal its source to prevent them in the future. The other item I am learning more about is the Trapezius Muscle. This muscle is the current source of my personal pain – literally. No idea what I did to tick it off, but it is PISSED! Muscle relaxers and pain killers are my current friends.  

·       Yummy Meal of the Week – Salad, yes is my favorite item this week. Salad with lettuce, carrots, cheese, egg, croutons, and homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. I have no link to give you a recipe for the salad. I think you can handle it. Oh, and Bacon Cheddar Ranch dip with Ritz crackers is the BOMB!

·       What did I Learn? –   In my job I live in MS Excel and while Excel is a very handy application there are cheats I use to move things along when I am dealing with a large amount of data (which happens to be on a regular basis) I recently upgraded to MS Excel 64 byte to help move processes a little faster. Come to learn my utility cheat does not play well with this higher version.  My cheat of choice is ASAP Utilities. If you use Excel a lot, I would definitely recommend it. The answer to my current dilemma – if you are wondering -- is to use the free version of ASAP on my personal laptop and that way I can still utilize it when needed.

·       What am I Watching? –  Still watching Blindspot, we are in toward the end of Season two. I am also watching the Rookie.  Loving both! Also watched Big Hero 6 – just love that movie. I really love almost all Disney movies.  There are some I have not seen and some I will never watch again but overall Disney rocks.

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