Monday, March 25, 2019

Could There Be Demonic Activity Within My House?

Listed below are SOME signs that MAY lead you to believe Demonic Activity is infesting your home.  You may only have one or many depending on the stage the demonic activity resides. With any demon, there is only one purpose possession of your immortal soul. Sounds pretty hardcore, because it is. There are several stages of demonic growth within a dwelling or home -Infestation, Oppression & Possession.

The below are symptoms of the top two stages, Infestation and Oppression. 

Unexplainable foul odors like rancid meat, rotten eggs, or sulfur, that appear from nowhere, from an unknown source.

Knocking or banging on the walls and the source cannot be found - bangs will often come in 3's - as a mocking of the Trinity. The banging also starts after midnight and usually ceases promptly at dawn. 

How are your Animals Acting? -  Remember in both The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror, the dogs refused to come inside the house, and both eventually ended up dead? Hollywood did its research, pay very close to how animals in the home react - are they frightened and alarmed to something that you cannot see but hear? When animals are in the presence of a true demonic entity, they are fully aware of its presence.  Depending on the breed of the dog, there is a “flight or fight” instinct that will occur.  For example, a German Shepherd will begin to become quite aggressive, and the instincts of the animal will be to immediately go into the “fight” mode to protect the family.  Snarling, snapping, and excessive salivating could occur during the fight mode.  Even though the family may see nothing, the animal is clearly displaying an aggressive response at an entity that poses a direct threat to the animal or family.

A noted increase in shadow activity, making the witnessing more frequent and intense for someone spending a lot of time in the dwelling.

Clearly heard growling noises with an unverified source.

The feeling of heaviness, sadness, an unspecified weight when entering the house. People feeling sick to their stomach, headaches, migraines, aches, stabbing pains, general discomfort that cannot be alleviated.  

People who spend extended amounts of time in the house may also show signs of irritability, irrational anger, mood swings, helplessness, and depression. A person may get an overwhelming sense of dread and doom.

Large or heavy objects will move by themselves, they will be thrown, tossed or directed at people or animals in an attempt to cause fear and or harm.
Religious articles that reside within the house or brought into the home go missing, destroyed, or completely disappear without a trace.

Prayer in the home ‘stirs things up.' It may calm things, but then, in most cases, the activity will return with increased strength. This activity is directed at the person or group with the most faith. 

In my upcoming book, Finders, the team of ghost hunters are always on the lookout for demonic activity. The presences of a demon put their team, and the residents of the house, in immediate danger. If the Finders Team see signs of demonic activity, they call in a demonologist like Luke Melloy to investigate and assist in expelling the demon.
As a former priest and marine Luke Melloy is well equipped to fight and defend against the forces of evil.   
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