Coming in 2019 - A Sneak Peek of Finders!

When an expert Demonologist a meets a Reality Show Producer on the Ghost Hunting Show Finders, sparks of true love fly so bright even the Devil takes notice.

When events surrounding The Burning Beacon of Wyoming church hit the national news producer Claire Westin decides it is a perfect fit for the Finders Paranormal investigation team. Promising lots of media hype and buzz for the Reality show.
Expert Demonologist Luke Melloy is asked to assist in a Finders investigation, he doesn’t expect much. With the shocking discovery of a mass grave and a hungry demon, he realizes he has his work cut out for him.

As soon as the Finders team arrives in the sleepy town the investigation spins out of control. The discovery of a mass grave and repeated attacks by the seemingly psychotic teen victim put everyone on alert. Especially Claire who unwittingly becomes the intended target of the demon’s wrath.

Will the Finders team be able to rid the ancient church of its demonic plague or will the souls of hundreds make the demon unstoppable?

Find out in Finders – Coming in Fall 2019!

Finders consisted of a team of eight to ten paranormal investigators. The supporting technical team was four BOOM operators and four camera-men. Depending on the size of the location they could have more or less. For the investigation of Crestwater Church Craig and Claire decided to double the number of cameras to enable multiple teams to be filming concurrently. In addition to the film equipment, the paranormal team employed a slew of scientific equipment to collect evidence of paranormal activity during the investigation. With the entire team at work, it would take a full day to set up and calibrate all of the equipment for the investigation. "How are we looking?" The flurry of activity continued around her. Team members waved and said hello. Claire nodded, smiling in response.

"Four hours until sundown, six until lights out, we’re right on schedule. I was just about to go around to the back of the church for some B-Roll shots. The foliage is amazing; the shots I’m getting are phenomenal."

"Is the church open?"

"Yeah, we haven't locked it down for dinner yet."

"Cool, the three Venti Starbucks on the way here are calling for an exit."

"Gotcha," Craig replied with a smile and a nod.

Claire inhaled the fresh air. Despite the cold, it was invigorating. She drank up the smell of wood, freshly fallen leaves, and dirt. Taking a closer look at the church, she realized even the unobstructed view from her hotel room didn't do the immense structure justice. Dark redwood covered the fifty-foot face. Jutting into the sky like a dagger, the roof was pointed and peaked ten feet above the face. The aged wood’s hues shifted with the sunlight and the sway of trees giving the appearance of the inanimate object breathing. Against the backdrop of the autumn leaves the sight was staggering and breathtaking. Claire ventured to the wide mouth opening of the church. Piles of orange and yellow cords looked like snakes spilling out the doors. The crunching of leaves beneath her feet and the whipping of the wind made her stride a little quicker. Hurrying up the plethora of steps she lifted the red hot set tape barrier out of the way and pushed on the door.

Stepping into the Vestibule, the stale air stifled her lungs. The solid wooden door closed behind her, but sunlight continued to stream into the enclosed area via the large windows on either side. Thick darkness beyond the sun's reach muted the expanse. Even the doors were massive, twice her height at least. Made from solid walnut she guessed, forged from the ancient trees surrounding the church.
A chilling wisp crept within her hair to the back of her neck. Like fingers playing with her hair. Claire instinctively turned. Seeing nothing but feeling a shiver up her spine Claire took in the surroundings and searched for the bathroom. Eying a promising door, she made a beeline and found salvation. Thankfully the facilities were in working order. Washing her hands in cold water, she dried them on her jeans. Taking a quick look in the cracked mirror, she adjusted her long brown hair. Tied up in a ponytail she smoothed any unruly strands and bumps before walking back into the Vestibule. The first thing she noticed was the intricately carved stone lining the archway into the Nave. A woven frame of tree limbs, the gnarled and knotted extensions bent and twisted around the mouth of the doorway. Amazingly delicate and detailed she could feel the bark beneath her fingertips despite the knowledge of stone.

Hearing Pip barking at the door, Claire moved away from the Nave archway and to the main entrance. Opening it, she saw no sign of her dog. Confused, she walked outside to the steps, "Pip? Pippy, come!"

The flurry of activity when she’d arrived had ceased. The Finders crew disappeared, and Claire remembered Craig mentioning dinner. Claire heard another bark following the sound. "Pippy come!" Claire said her patience waning. She wasn't used to Pip not obeying her commands. They were going to need to talk. Finally, the dog appeared, sprinting out of the thick brush. She breathed an unconscious sigh of relief.

"Claire," she turned toward the voice. Her heart leaped, Pip barked and took off through the slightly open door of the church. "Pippy!" Claire chased after him, into the Vestibule but saw no sign of him. He barked again, the sound was muffled. She realized he was on the other side of the large arched doors leading to the Nave. Slightly ajar, Claire pulled on the door. It swept back with a whoosh of air and a loud thud. The sound echoed off the brittle walls, and a shower of dust rained down.

"Fuck. Pip, come here!" She yelled, attempting to not choke within the cloud of ruin.


Claire grabbed her phone, turning on the flashlight feature. She shivered, the feel of invisible hands pulling her deeper into the darkness. Claire's movement intensified with the unease of her heart.

Claire utilized her flashlight to explore. High cathedral ceilings jutted up to the heavens. Faded images of angels and cherubs adorned the beams. The pews remained, dust-covered and overrun by spiders. The light flashed over the stone altar at the head of the room. Claire's heart skipped. Her body took a deliberate breath. Claire stepped forward hearing metal clang against her foot. Moving the flashlight down she saw a large old-fashioned key at the tip of her boot. Reaching down, she picked it up. The cold metal felt icy in her hand. She examined it closely.

Pip barked. Claire turned, putting the key in her pocket she realized how far away from the opening she'd traveled. Pip's fur brushed against her legs, she turned glaring at him. "You and I are going to talk about this!"

"Claire!" she heard her name and turned. A scorched skull atop a body shrouded in black enveloping her vision. Claire instinctively raised her arms, stepping back. The floor beneath her cracked before disappearing from beneath her feet. Her body fell first. Then her stomach. A scream billowing up from her lungs, the light above quickly faded, the wet darkness engulfed her senses, cradling her in its cold arms. The impact rendered her immobile while agonizing pain from icy water shocked her entire body. Her senses returned. Her arms flailing, she struggled to kick her legs despite the hardening of her muscles. Up, I need to go up!

Pushing her arms in front of her, willing the blackness away she prayed for air.

 * * * * 

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