Coming in 2017 - A Sneak Peek of Finders!

When Luke Melloy meets Claire Westin sparks fly and the devil himself takes notice. What makes this pair so special? 

Find out in Finders – Coming in Fall 2017!

A cold crisp wind swirled round the black SUV as it followed its highway path on their way to Stone Rake, CT. 

"Finders doesn’t work that much different from you do. People call us, or on occasion, we come across locations experiencing an unnatural disturbance. With a description of the events, we talk to the residents, and research the history of the property. If it all checks-out, we schedule a visit. We also try to schedule several things in the same area at the same time. Like this trip, we have two houses and a library on the schedule."

Luke shifted, his broad shoulders adjusting to the confines of the seat, taking in Grants words, "So what’s the process, do you record everything for the show or just some?"

"We record everything and then decide what is worthy and what’s not. Sometimes it’s not up to us, sometimes the families don’t want their experiences televised. They don’t want the exposure. Many times these cases become very personal. As you know, I started this team to first and foremost help those in need, the details of the investigation and whether it makes it through the networks cutting room are secondary.”

“Glad to hear the media monster hasn’t completely corrupted your brain.”  Luke shifted his focus to the windshield, the past mixing with the bitter cold. “So what is on the menu?”

"We received a call about a month ago about a private residence. Typical scary place in the middle of nowhere. Two sisters have lived in the house for the past ten years. A year ago, one of the sisters, Abigail became ill and spent six months in the hospital. When she returned home Abigail noticed her sister, Vera, acting strangely. Nightmares, not sleeping, talking to herself, spending hours alone in her room, and she stopped eating."

"Did Abigail seek out psychiatric help for her sister?"

"Yes, Vera has been institutionalized and Abigail is living alone in the house. She is reporting strange activity in the house, mirroring the activity her sister was displaying."


"She's wakened in the middle of the night by screams, similar to when her sister was having nightmares. She hears voices talking but is the only one in the house. The door to her sister’s room will randomly, open, close and then lock itself. The food in the fridge will go bad almost instantaneously, literally hours after she has purchased it and put it away. Events have become so intolerable she’s moved out of the house."

"So you’re investigating."

"Yep, and here we are," Grant turned off the highway onto a dirt road.

 The simple house came into view. A stone cottage with brown shingles, surrounded by trees. Grant stopped the SUV behind another identical vehicle.

"Someone meeting us here?"

"Yeah, Steve, our tech manager and Claire our producer are here doing B-roll shots."


"Film of the surrounding area, the house, the atmosphere. We use them for cutting in and out of scenes." The pair exited the truck taking in the surroundings, they both hesitated at the sound of a barking dog. "Do you hear that?"

"Sounds like a dog, do the owners have a dog?"

"No, but our producer Claire does, wonder what’s—" the dog came into view followed by Steve charging toward the truck.

"Grant! Help me get the lines out of the truck!"

"What’s happened?"

"Claire fell down a well."


Grant followed Steve to the back of the adjacent SUV, "Luke, over here."

They opened the rear doors revealing stacks of equipment, Steve and Grant immediately grabbed rolls of 200 ft. extension cables. Grant handed one to Luke and then took one himself.

"Follow me," Steve turned in a run, the dog waited for them before leading the three men to the well. Barely noticeable, Luke admitted he would’ve never known it was there. Only a foot of stone marked the area. "Claire! I got the lines, hang on!"

A small weak voice echoed from the darkness, along with a sloshing sound, "hurry."

"Is that water?" Grant asked.

"It’s a well."

"We need to hurry," the men uncoiled the cabling and secured the lines together. Luke peered down into the hole only seeing black. "Do you have a flashlight?"

"In the truck, beneath the front seat," Grant replied.

Luke nodded, running back to the truck. His mind spinning with other things they may need while he was there. A blanket would be nice. Luke arrived, they’d left the doors open in the rush, he saw a moving blanket thrown over the equipment. Grabbing a hold of the corner he pulled and it fell out. Next to the front seat, he opened the passenger door, ducked beneath, and found a heavy large black Mag-Light. Perfect. Wasting no time, he rejoined Steve and Grant lowering the makeshift rope into the well. "Wait!" They stopped and he tied the flashlight to the end of the cabling, giving them an anchor and Claire some light. "Okay go."

"It’s coming down, Claire, there’s a flashlight on the end. When you get it, turn it on," Grant called into the well, the dog barked after him as if relaying the words. A bitter wind slapped at the group reminding them of the dropping temperatures. "Steve, go start the truck, turn the heat up to full blast." Steve nodded and disappeared. Grant and Luke watched and waited. "Claire can you see it?" The men looked at each other when there was no answer, "Claire, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I’ve got it!" A light at the bottom of the well turned on and they could barely see Claire in the water at the bottom.

"Do you think you can climb out?"

"I…I think so."

"Grant, she may be too cold."

"What other option do we have?"

"I can climb down the line and bring her up."

Grant contemplated the scenario, "let’s try this first."

Luke nodded and Steve returned, the dog placed his front paws on the edge of the well peering down, "what’s happening?"

"Claire is trying to climb out."

There was no light except for the swinging flashlight at the bottom of the well. Luke could see it moving as Claire attempted to scale the side of the well.
Grant called, "how are you doing Claire?"

"So far so good, I'm definitely going to need Starbucks after this…just warning you."

Grant chuckled along with Steve, "you can have anything you want."

A few more moments of deafening silence went by and Luke looked to Grant. Pip growled at the darkness, showing his teeth. The sound of shifting stone, followed by a scream got their attention. "Claire are you okay?" The sound of a splash echoed off the stone walls, and Luke looked back into the well.  The flashlight swung freely, as if there were no weight attached the light dancing off the water. "Claire?"

The water broke and Luke heard gasping, struggling. Grant and Steve called out to her again, while Pip barked wildly. "Grant, Steve, anchor me."

Both men grabbed hold of the cabling, Luke took off his jacket before lowering himself into the well. The cabling was slick and cold within his hands. He heard splashing and gasping again, spurring his movements to reach the bottom.  Releasing his grip, Luke slid into the darkness, the dim light leading the way. "Claire?"

He heard her gasp again, looking down her head broke through the water. She seemed to be struggling to stay afloat. "Hang on, Claire, I’m almost there." He watched the water break again and then there was silence. "Claire?" When he got no response, Luke released his hold and let himself slide into the water below. Ice cold, the water enveloped him quickly, his muscles screaming from the shock. The water seemed to be deep, his feet not touching the bottom. Grasping the flashlight, he struggled to untie it, Confusion and worry searing his brain.

There’s not that much room down here, where is she? 

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