Coming in 2019 - A Sneak Peek of Finders!

When Luke Melloy meets Claire Westin sparks fly and the devil himself takes notice. What makes this pair so special? 

Find out in Finders – Coming in Fall 2019!

Stepping into the vestibule, the stale air stifled her lungs. The thick door closed behind her, sunlight streamed into the enclosed area. A thick darkness beyond the sun's reach muted the expanse of the area.  She estimated a thirty-foot roof. A wall of glass started from just above the door reaching all the way up to only a few feet from the eaves. Even the doors were massive, twice her height at least. Made from thick walnut she guessed, forged from the ancient trees surrounding the church.

A chilling wisp crept within her hair to the back of her neck. Like fingers playing with her hair. Claire instinctively turned. Seeing nothing but feeling a chill walk up her back Claire took in the surroundings and searched for the bathroom. Eying a promising door she made a beeline and found salvation. Thankfully the facilities were in working order and washing her hands in cold water she dried her hands on her jeans and walked back into the vestibule. The first thing that stood out was the intricately carved stone, the arch was a woven frame of tree limbs, the gnarled and knotted extensions bent and twisted around the mouth of the doorway into the main sanctuary. Amazingly delicate and detailed she could feel the bark beneath her fingertips despite the knowledge of stone.  

Hearing Pip barking at the door Claire moved away from the vestibule archway and to the main door. Opening it she saw no sign of her dog. Confused, she stepped onto the, "Pip? Pippy, come!"

Claire heard another bark and locked the door before following the sound into the side yard. "Pippy come!" Claire called impatiently, she wasn't used to Pip not obeying her commands. They were going to need to have a talk. Finally, the dog appeared, and she breathed as unconscious sigh of relief.

"Claire," she heard and turned toward the voice. Her heart leapt, Pip barked and took off into the darkness. "Pippy!" Claire chased after him, hearing him barking from the other side of the large arched doors. Slightly ajar, Claire pulled on the door and it swept back with the thud. The boom echoed off the brittle walls and she was showered in a fog of dust.

"Fuck, Pip, come here!" She yelled, attempting to not choke within the cloud of ruin.


Claire turned on the flashlight app on her phone, she shivered, the feel pf invisible hands pulling her deeper into the darkness. Claire's movement intensified. Within seconds she stood in the middle of the church.

Claire utilized her flashlight to explore. High cathedral ceilings jutted up to the heavens. Faded images of angels and cherubs adorned the beams.  The pews remained, dust covered and overrun by spiders. She wondered if they weren't nailed to the floor.  He light flashed over the stone altar at the head of the room. Claire's heart skipped and her body took a deliberate breath.

Pip barked and Claire turned, then realizing how far away from the opening she'd traveled. Pip's fur brushed against her legs and she turned giving him a glare. "You and I are going to have a talk after this!"

"Claire!" she heard her name and turned. 

A scorched skull atop a body shrouded in black enveloped her vision. Claire instinctively raised her arms and stepped back. Hearing a crack, the floor disappeared from beneath her. Feeling herself fall a scream burst from her lungs. Her body jolted and she looked up, the light above her quickly disappearing. It seemed to last forever and then the darkness engulfed her fully. It cradled her in its cold arms. Claire didn't fight it. Then agonizing pain from her ankle shocked her entire body and her senses returned. Her arms flailed and she fought to kick her legs despite the throbbing. 
 Up, I need to go up!

Pushing her arms in front of her, pushing the blackness away she prayed for air. Icy cold touched her fingertips and then frigid air filled her lungs.

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