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Harry's Love Letters Hacked! By M LeMont - A Fascinating Piece of Fiction

HARRY'S LOVE LETTERS HACKED!: A NOVEL: I Won't Pay Those Bastards a Dime. Silver Rain is Falling.
By M LeMont

Blurb This book takes on-line romance to a whole new level. Provocative, Romantic, Shocking, and Scandalous. A gift to women who are unhappy, and stuck in a boring, unaffectionate and non–romantic relationship, or marriage, and who have lost touch with reality of what true love really is.

A Fascinating Piece of Fiction - Raw, Sexy and Honest

This sensual, funny, sexy read is almost voyeuristic in nature. The author lets us peek into the hearts, minds, and passions of two people caught up in an emotional love affair. 

The book is laid out as a timeline of Direct Messages and Email conversations between the pair. That are later discovered, exposing the emotional affair that has developed. 

The two characters, Ann and Harry start out as colleagues. An appreciation for mutual talent, intellect, and sense of humor develops and a spark ignites. 

The slight keyhole you are given by the author is, to me, fascinating. You know nothing about the characters except what is written in the letters and messages to each other. This forces the reader to look for clues, read between the lines and creates anticipation for the next interaction. It also drives the book forward at a furious pace. 

It is a tale many of us know, and many have found ourselves in a similar plight. Attraction to someone besides our chosen mate. A realization of something missing from our lives now being fulfilled by someone else. Those very realistic and conflicting emotions are conveyed with elegance and beauty within the exchanged letters. The intensity of emotion leaves the reader at times breathless and uncomfortable. This is not meant as a negative but as a nod to the author for his insightful descriptions and ability to seek truth in a muddle of words. 

Some may not care for the central themes of extra-marital communication or what is commonly known as an emotional affair. That being said, if you read the book as it is, a work of fiction, an experiment in looking at the motivations of why we do what we do, why emotional affairs happens, it is a fascinating and raw piece of art.

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