Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Seven ~ September 19, 2020

Happy Saturday, what have you been up to this week? Here is a rundown of highlights for the week. I hope you find them useful in your life! My goal as a person and a writer are to always Pay-It-Forward, so please let me know how I can help you. YES, YOU!

Enjoy your weekend & this post! Amazing things to come!


What am I Reading? –
The Sleep Experiment by Jeremy Bates -  In 1954, at the start of the Cold War, the Soviet military offered four political prisoners their freedom if they participated in an experiment requiring them to remain awake for fourteen days while under the influence of a powerful stimulant gas. The prisoners ultimately reverted to murder, self-mutilation, and madness. None survived.

In 2018, Dr. Roy Wallis, an esteemed psychology professor at UC Berkeley, is attempting to recreate the same experiment during the summer break in a soon-to-be demolished building on campus. He and two student assistants share an eight-hour rotational schedule to observe their young Australian test subjects around the clock.

What begins innocently enough, however, morphs into a nightmare beyond description that no one could have imagined—with, perhaps, the exception of Dr. Roy Wallis himself.

What am I Listening to? – An exuberant amount of talk radio. With the world currently upside down, COVID and the pending election, all hands are on deck. Seriously.

What Quote am I Pondering? – “What happens after the 2020 election? Doesn’t matter who wins EVERYTHING is gonna change.” - Unknown


What am I Researching? – My brain has been so ADD lately. Too many changes at once, perhaps? This week was all about organizing. I rearranged my room, moved my office, and am now looking at the kitchen in scrutiny.


Yummy Meal of the Week – Loaded Baked Potato w/ chili, cheese, sour cream, scallions. I got mine from Bill & Ruth’s. Easy peasy to make at home.


What did I Learn? – The World is on Hold – Not in any way true but also completely true. At least in the US, we are all trying to move forward. However, it seems with every step there is a new obstacle. Whether it’s Cancel Culture (Yes I have personally experience the loss of followers due to the expression of an opinion), School starting(Zack is back in school. Full on masks, one-way hallways, and Friday online learning. Fake News (whether you like it or not the truth of anything is a challenge to find these days). Protesting, Rioting, Wildfires, or the frustration from our inability to navigate any of it without going in circles and questioning our own sanity. Chew on that… 😊


What am I Watching? – The Home Edit - A Netflix Original Series. 'Move over, Marie Kondo - Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are the professional organizers the A-list now let rifle through their drawers.' - Sunday Times Style Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are back again to bring both function and beauty to your everyday life. ...


*BONUS Content ~

That is all for this week, my lovelies!
I hope you have an amazing week, and I will talk to you all next Saturday!

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