Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Seven ~ June 6th

Happy Saturday, what have you been up to this week? Here is a rundown of highlights for the week. I hope you find them useful in your life! My goal as a person and a writer are to always Pay-It-Forward, so please let me know how I can help you. YES, YOU!

Enjoy your weekend & this post! Amazing things to come!


What am I Reading? – Putting this one to the three-chapter test! –

A Voice that Thunders by Cully Mack



Mirah watched her brother Gabe place his inky hand on the rock shelter wall and transition into manhood. Needing no one outside their small clan, freedom and friendship promised a peaceful future. That was life until the god, Shemyaza, sent his sons to slaughter them all.

Of those who survived, Mirah is captured and Gabe is missing.

United with a host of Giants, and Chimera, Shemyaza has one enemy, the destined Voice of Thunder. In a bid to destroy him, Shemyaza is building an army of Wielders and insists Mirah joins them.

Through magic, Mirah gains secrets. As she attempts to hide her powers and the mystery behind her wielding, Shemyaza’s stepson offers to train her but can she trust him with her heart?

Her old and new world collide and Mirah is torn. War is coming. Whichever path she chooses Mirah knows the Shadow is near, and only she can hear it whisper.

A Voice That Thunders is the first in an epic fantasy series set in the ancient past when monsters crept into our world, myth was born, and magic first breathed.

What am I Listening to?The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You By: David Wilcock Narrated by: David Wilcock

Using history, astrology, and synchronicity theory as well as concepts such as fractals, spiritual geometry, quantum physics, and other new research, Wilcock shows that there is a hidden architecture within time....

Okay I was really looking forward to this one but it is dragging… I am thinking Audible books should have the same testing method – Three Chapters. We shall see what happens

What Quote am I Pondering? – Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it. ~ Carl Jung

What am I Researching?
– Lots of stuff about Atlanta and the Knights of the Golden Circle. The more I dig the more interesting it becomes. Starting to be a cool rabbit hole. All in service of my WIP Stupid car that went from a short romance to a full-blown novel. My muse is speaking--- constantly!

Yummy Meal of the Week – Street Tacos! I treated myself this week with some amazing street tacos from a local restaurant. I can only eat four at a time and they are tiny! YUM!!

What did I Learn? – I learned it is okay to process change, but at the same time you have to change. I was processing everything that has happened, but it wasn’t until I got off my butt and changed my routine that I got my groove back. Change is a mindset, but it is also an active sport! If you are struggling with change, do something different. Tear down the walls and start over. It helps! It’s like fine… things have to change might as well go for it full throttle!

What am I Watching?
– Game of Thrones was a favorite this week. I am starting Season Three. Love it. My favorite characters (for which I didn’t think I would like going into it) are Tyrion Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. I am hooked.

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That is all for this week, my lovelies!
I hope you have an amazing week, and I will talk to you all next Saturday!

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