Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Mantra for A Changed Life~ Simplify, Amplify & Thrive

Did you know there is no word for now in the Hopi language? Someone once said that time is not linear, but we as humans, needing structure, have built our little system of counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of our lives. If you think about the structure of our modern society life is all about how much we can do in a second that assigns our worth. This concept is a little insane.

Every year between Dec 24th and Jan 1st I go into reboot mode. I drop off the social media universe and reflect over the past year, think about my goals for the upcoming year. I have never come up with a mantra before but in speaking with a dear friend I summed up my goals for 2020 in three words.


The vibration (I know it is an odd description, but it works) of my current world is to make life as simple as possible. This vibration touches all aspects of my world, from work, rest, and family. The need to rid myself of all surrounding clutter and unneeded items is visceral. During my shut down I sat down and went through many, many, boxes, drawers, & baskets filled with notebooks, memorabilia, photos, and just stuff. I kept anything that (so cliché) brings me joy and gave away everything else. This was amazingly cathartic and really allowed me to focus on what I really need to exist. Yes, I need my history. No, I do not need the glass from my junior prom.

This journey begs a question. What do we really need to live our daily lives successfully? How much stuff do we really need in the age of the terabyte and cellphones that have more computing power than the first spacecraft sent to the moon?

The answer, as with anything in life, is completely subjective. For me, I found what I need to be content is very little. Almost minimalist in nature, I found the realization surprising and hugely satisfying. The weight of stuff (literally and figuratively) is heavy on the mind, body and soul. Unloading the weight of all the baggage is refreshing and reassuring.

Amplify - am·pli·fy - to expand (something, such as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis (Merriam-Webster)

Bigger, stronger & faster. I am the bionic woman!

With the simplification of my world I find myself better able to focus on the amplification of my goals. Looking at the details of each and how to get across the finish line. Attempting to be as realistic as possible and planning out each step carefully to maximize the impact. There are many facets to the business of life, much less the business of business within a life. My default for this organization is Excel. This is completely logical because I live half of my life in the program with my day job.

The goal is to set a plan, put it in motion and accomplish the goals I have set, thus amplifying my universal energy to a place where I can succeed. (I know very mystical). To me, it makes sense. By detailing it out I am releasing and solidifying my larger goals and breaking them down into daily actions.

This is such a great word. It evokes images of lush greenery, happiness, joy and well-being. When you thrive you are unstoppable, growing and producing at such a rate you are self-nurturing your soul. Getting to the level upon which you can hop on the thrive train is not easy, and it takes a clear mindset of I am. Not I could, I would or perhaps. I am______.

This is something I need to do every minute. Be in the moment. Be the person I am. By allowing myself to thrive, with no boundaries I am who I am meant to be.

Having a mantra for your upcoming year, or your life is reaffirming and something to evoke strength in your weakest moments. We all have goals, dreams and ambitions within and outside our current reality. Have you thought of a mantra for 2020? It doesn’t need to be clever or even shouted to the world. It is a very personal promise. A promise everyone needs to make to themselves.

Happy New Year, and I wish all of you all of the joy and prosperity life can provide!

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