Tuesday, December 10, 2019

HOLIDAY READS : Unfructuous and Thimblerigged by Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley

Unfructuous releases Nov. 29th

How did Thanksgiving in their new home turn into the worst nightmare of her life?
Gilina had everything she could have ever wanted in life. A good job, a husband, a new home. The only thing missing was the joy of a child. Until Thanksgiving took a dreadful turn, leaving her shattered in ways she had never dreamed possible.

The path to salvation is a treacherous one and sometimes the heart and soul must be fractured to understand that true love is a precious gift. But will Gilina allow the pain of her past destroy the hope for the future?

Gilina could barely contain her excitement. For the first time in years, she felt as if her life was coming together. Love, marriage, and a baby carriage. She couldn’t wait to fill their new home with the laughter of children.

The housing unit she and Darren had originally rented had been much too small for entertaining guests. This place was much larger and had come fully furnished. It was perfect—not just for entertaining, but also for the family they were desperately trying to start.

She frowned. They’d been married ten years now. Eight of those long years they had been trying for a baby, but so far it hadn’t happened. In the first two years of their marriage, they had been far too busy going to the academy and studying. Then they had decided not to wait to have a baby, especially since Darren’s mother had offered to babysit when Gilina returned to work after her maternity leave.

Gilina poured herself a glass of red wine and leaned against the kitchen island. Five more minutes and the turkey would be finished. The vegetables were ready, the mashed garlic potatoes were done, all kept hot in the warming oven. She had even made a delicious gravy from some of the turkey drippings, and she’d made some stuffing. And for dessert, there were two pumpkin pies made from scratch to go with French vanilla ice cream that she had managed to find. All that was missing now were her guests and her husband.

Seven p.m. and Darren still hadn’t come home. She tapped her wrist and texted him but got no response. Neither had his parents or their friends arrived, and not a call from any of them. Was it a coincidence that they were all late?

Thimblerigged releases Dec 20th

Homeless and alone on Christmas Eve… Chana’s life couldn’t get any worse.

Chana had her dream job, money, a rich alien boyfriend…

Until he kicks her to the curb with nothing but the clothes on her back and the change in her pocket. For almost four days she walks the streets of New York seeking shelter in subway stations at night.

No job, no home, no family to speak of, Chana finds herself brutally alone and heartbroken on Christmas Eve. To escape the snow and her heartache, she enters a sleazy bar and spends her last pennies on a couple of beers only to find kindness in the most unexpected way.

Chana hung her head, fighting desperately not to cry. She tried to ignore the partying people crowding the bar, the cheery Christmas tunes blasting so loud it hurt her eardrums. No, it wasn’t the noisy people or the loud music that caused her discomfort.

She was broke.
No job.
No clothes.
Her heart shattered.
She had no one.
I need to call the cops.

Her bank accounts had been stripped clean. She had discovered the money was gone when she had tried to pay for a coffee three days ago. The server had scanned her wrist, and the payment was declined due to insufficient funds. She had trusted Peter with everything, including the small inheritance she had received after her parents’ death. Now it was gone. All of it. Thimblerigged. She had been completely and utterly swindled.

Why the fuck did I ever agree to add him to my accounts?

Chana shifted uncomfortably on her stool and grabbed the dish of nuts on the bar. She stuffed a few in her mouth, attempting to stop the hunger pangs that wracked her, then finished off the rest of her beer. Her last. She had nothing left to pay for another. Three days of walking the streets, trying to find shelter where she could spend the night, she usually ended up in the subway station. The cups of coffee and small snack she allowed herself each day had eaten away at the meager amount of cash that had been stashed in her coat pocket.

She felt bedraggled.

She was beginning to look like all the other scruffy, homeless people that she encountered in the subways. Soon, she’d have to start digging in garbage cans to find something to eat.
Or starve.

Right now, death would be preferable.


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Don't have a Kindle, no problem. I've got you covered! Read eBooks on your phone, tablet and computer no Kindle Needed!

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