Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Teaser Tuesday ~ Finders Excerpt - ON SALE Oct 4th!

When an expert Demonologist meets a Reality Show Producer on the Ghost Hunting Show Finders, sparks of true love fly so brightly even the Devil takes notice. 
Demonologist Luke Melloy has seen the face of pure evil. He's fought it and sent it back to hell. It's what he does. To Claire Westin, ghosts and demons are just great television and good for ratings. When she’s faced with the truth Luke has seen, her reality is turned upside down as the two are swept into dire straits moments after they meet. Desire sparks between the unlikely pair, throwing their hearts into chaos with a love neither of them expected nor wanted.

When the Demon targets an unsuspecting Claire with his wrath, Luke finds his focus split between his oath to God and the awakening of his heart. Together, can they face the ancient evil and defeat it, or will they lose everything?


She needed a hot bath to rid her of the chill enveloping her body, and a night of long, deep sleep. Claire arrived in her hotel room, immediately flipping on the light switch.

Everything was as she’d left it. A small sigh of relief escaped her chest. Pip rushed from the bedroom, looking at her eagerly. All her anxiety disappeared. She took a seat on the couch, allowing the dog to cover her with kisses.

Swirling questions overloaded her mind. Her nervous system seemed to collapse, and she fell back into the couch. Claire scratched Pip’s back and belly, taking a few deep breaths.

Just breathe.

Claire pushed the unanswered questions out of her mind. She would deal with the aftermath tomorrow.

Her thoughts swung to the left. Seeing an image of Luke in her mind, her body and nerves immediately calmed. She took it in, reveled in it, and balanced her center. She would address the ramifications of the undeniable attraction later.


Claire followed her plan. She ran a bath, undressed, and slipped into the heated water. She soaked, letting the water seep into her pores, praying the chill still clutching her would disappear. After an hour of trying, Claire relented and headed for bed. Wearing her warmest pajamas and socks, she slipped under the covers. Pip jumped on the bed, snuggling in against her. The feel of him was reassuring. Instinctively reaching for the lamp, she hesitated, then turned it off.

She blinked, finding herself once again at the bottom of the well, but there was no water. Crouching down, she clawed at the ground with her nails. The injured ground began to bleed. The area around her feet pooled with the thick crimson liquid. A claw erupted from beneath her feet, grasping her ankle. Claire screamed, struggling against the grip. The blood bubbled into the small area faster. A rush of water hit her legs, toppling her to the ground, soaking her in the icy water and blood. A second clawed hand broke through the surface, pulling her down, the water reaching her chin. There was no escape. She took a deep breath. The water overtook her height. The charred skull came into her sight, waiting for her. She opened her mouth in a terrorized scream, her mouth filling with the iron-tasting liquid.

Claire’s eyes shot open, her lungs choking on a scream. Coughing, in a desperate attempt for air, she rolled. The contents of her mouth spilled onto the floor, a mixture of water and blood. Claire gasped, hyperventilating in sheer panic, her eyes tearing. Feeling the bed beneath her and Pip beside her, she reached for the light, almost knocking over the lamp. She searched the illuminated room for any shadows or signs of mischief. Her heart still thudded in her chest.

Pip turned with a jerk, jumping off the bed and staring into the darkness beyond the room. Claire’s stomach filled with dread at the adjacent living area. All her instincts told her someone or something was hiding, waiting in the darkness, watching. In confirmation, Pip growled.

Her eyes fell on the clock, 3:36 AM.

She looked for her cell phone and remembered the well. The horrid face flashed in her mind’s eye. Paralyzed by fear, she couldn’t move. Her only action was to stare at the blackness just beyond the open door.

Screw this.

Claire jumped out of bed, slammed the door closed, then scurried back to the bed like a child. Her body shook. Her only act was to stare at the closed door and wait for daylight.

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Finders wide release is October 4th - Junt in time for Halloween!

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