Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Teaser Tuesday - Little Angels

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!

Today I am sharing a scene out of my book Little Angels.


"Tal...Tal...it was an accident." He rocked her in his arms. "You have to believe me, baby, you have to understand."
Meredith couldn't move. She stared at the body of the dead child bleeding on her couch. Everything he said was a blur, and eventually she felt him move and leave her. He returned with a black garbage bag and began pushing the child's body into it. She watched the scene unfold, but was powerless to do anything to change it.
The door slammed, and she sat staring at the now blood-soaked cushions.
Time ceased to exist. The scene playing out repeatedly in her mind. There was no movement, no sound, no thought, just the child's face and the blood.
She was cold.
She was empty.
She was dead.

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