Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Teaser Tuesday - New Sneak of Finders!

My current work in progress is entitled Finders.

A reality ghost hunting team uncovers a mass grave, a hungry demon, and a demonologist with a secret...


Jagged stone piled on top of one another created a patchwork of brown and gray hues. Smooth to the touch the hundreds of years of water must've had an effect. Following the stones upward she saw a break in the pattern. Claire estimated about four feet across and perhaps two inches high. 

"Damn right I am getting whatever I want," Claire tried in vain to dry her hands, cursing the extra ten pounds from her water-logged clothes. "A hot Venti Toffee Nut-Latte double shot," she started, grasping the cold slick plastic cord within her hands. "A scalding shower with, warm soft terry cloth towels, heated slippers and another hot coffee."

Claire briefly thanked her trainer, Jorge for making her develop her upper body strength. Using the cord, along with jutting rocks as foot holds Claire started up the well. Ignoring the swinging flashlights creation of odd shapes and reflections off the water, Claire focused upward on the light and sound from above.
The trek was slow going but she seemed to be half way there, judging from the size of the opening at the top.

Hot shower, hot coffee, you can do this...

Looking up she saw something falling toward her in the darkness. She yelped when it hit, hugging the wall. Something grabbed her shoulders throwing her back. Her head it the wall hard. She never knew what people meant by seeing stars until that moment. Losing her grip, she released the cord plummeting back down into the cold water. The shock of the icy water hit again, she kicked to return to the surface. Feeling something wrap around her ankle she focused on her feet seeing a skull like face. Her adrenaline soared, she kicked and struggled to free her ankle. She managed to break free, breaching the surface, gasping for air. 


A few more moments of deafening silence went by, and Luke looked to Grant. Pip growled at the darkness, showing his teeth. The sound of shifting a stone, followed by a scream got their attention. "Claire are you okay?" The sound of a splash echoed off the stone walls, and Luke looked back into the well.  The flashlight swung freely as if there were no weight attached, the light dancing off the water. "Claire?"

The water broke, and Luke heard gasping, struggling. Grant and Craig called out to her again, while Pip barked wildly. "Grant, Craig, anchor me."

Both men grabbed hold of the cabling. Slick and cold within his hands, he heard splashing and gasping again, spurring his movements to reach the bottom.  Releasing his grip, Luke slid into the darkness, the dim light leading the way. "Claire?"

He heard her gasp again. Her head broke through the water. She seemed to be struggling to stay afloat. "Hang on, Claire, I'm almost there." He watched the water break again and then there was silence. "Claire?" When he got no response, Luke released his hold and let himself slide into the water below. Cold, the water enveloped him quickly, his muscles screaming from the shock. The water seemed to be deep, his feet not touching the bottom. Grasping the flashlight, he struggled to untie it, Confusion and worry searing his brain.

There's not that much room down here, where is she?

Not seeing any sign of Claire, he took a breath and submerged himself.  Using the flashlight, he searched the water. Shocked to see the depth of the well he found her several feet below him, long brown hair billowing around her struggling face. Luke swam to her, wrapping his arm around her waist to pull her up. Claire shook her head pointing down, and Luke saw something wrapped around her leg. Luke adjusted, tugging and pulling on what seemed to be a weed until it released its hold on her leg. Cresting the water, he gasped for air, as did she, "you okay?" Luke asked holding her tight against him. Her body cold he knew the answer. She nodded weakly.

"Claire, Luke, can you hear us?" Grant called, while Pip barked. "Yeah, we're here," Luke called back, looking to Claire. "You think you can hang on to me?" Shivering and teeth chattering, she nodded, her bright blue eyes focused and alert. "Okay let's get out of here."

Luke started his climb up the well, commanding his muscles to stay engaged. Only a few more feet and they would be out. A loud rumbled followed by the screeching of metal got his attention. "Luke!" Claire's voice, and the alarm in her eyes focused his mind. The water was rising exponentially. Luke quickened his pace. Metal. Luke stopped dead, seeing a flurry of activity above them. A metal grate had positioned itself at the top of the well trapping them. Water rising, no way out. They were in trouble.  "Grant, get us the hell out of here!"


That's it, that is all you get! :)
Hope you enjoyed your teaser of my upcoming release Finders!

Come Find Me!

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