Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday Seven! (February 16th 2019)

  • What Quote am I pondering? ~ Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. — Confucius ~

  • What am I Researching? – Writing a book is full of research as you all know. I spent my time this week looking up bible quotes, writings on Demonology and Ancient symbols. Also spent some time researching CBD oil and its uses for Anxiety. My daughter suffers from severe anxiety and we have started her on a CBD regiment. I will let y’all know what happens!
  • Yummy Meal of the week Taco Bell usually is awesome going down, but I regret it a few hours later (don’t deny it we have all been there) my 14-year-old son craves it on a regular basis and I usually do not get anything but this week I tried a new menu item. It is called POWER MENU STEAK - you have the choice of a Burrito or a Bowl. I choose the Burrito this time, but I LOVE the bowl option to cut out the carbs of a flour tortilla.  Anyway, very tasty and I was not regretting it hours later!

  • What did I Learn this week? – Kinda funny and a reference to my day job, I learned how to us the IF function utilizing a date rage in a TRUE / FALSE scenario. So AWESOME! (Yes, I am a total excel nerd!). I also learned that I am not a fan of 3rd person writing as a reader. Not something I ever realized before, interesting, I think it is because I am a writer.

  • What am I Watching? – I am a TOTAL geek when it comes to good TV and Movies. This week I binge watched Haunted on Netflix – it was interesting--I wasn’t thrilled with the lack of resolution to the tales but as it is reality, I guess there usually are not happy endings. Then caught up on the current season of The Gifted.

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