Monday, February 11, 2019

Ghost Hunting Myths - What You Can't See Can't Hurt You!

In my research for my upcoming paranormal thriller Finders I found very real and scary warnings from current ghost hunters. Ghost Hunting is dangerous. Here is one of the warnings.

What you can't see can't hurt you is the biggest misconception many eager investigators or just curious people happen to make when exploring the actual world of paranormal activity and reported real hauntings. 

Anyone that endeavors to participate or investigate reported real hauntings and paranormal hotspots around the world must realize many supernatural encounters will permanently leave their mark and could change you for the rest of your life.

Whether a haunting is real or not many who have investigated haunted houses, cemeteries or even local urban legends have not walked away unscathed.
Ghosts can also throw things as well as moving heavy objects that might make a situations or locations dangerous to the living. 

From stumbling in the dark from your own missed step to being physically attacked by what some call unseen forces. You can and will at some point suffer injuries when hunting for real ghosts. 

Many real ghosts can and will inflict physical pain on the living. They can also take over your mind and possess you in the classic sense.

Many real reported ghost and hauntings also have a psychological effect on the living. Many individuals have been driven to madness by such encounters and never recover suffering from night terrors, PTSD, and traumatic depression.
A malignant spirit can induce severe depression, paranoia, sleeplessness, physical illness and even take control over someone’s actions. All of these or even some of these symptoms can destroy marriages, resulting in the loss of money and securities and even result in suicidal thoughts and action. 

Not all ghosts, as many would lead you to believe, are harmless though televisions shows and many paranormal investigators and writers will often tell you otherwise.

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  1. Very, very true!! While all the attention on the paranormal these days is exciting, it is important for people to realize that safety is paramount!


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