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Did that Shadow Move? - Shadow People - Types and Motivations

In my upcoming release, Finders, the ghost hunting team are the experts on all kinds of entities including the ominous shadow people. Below is an excerpt from Finder’s founder and lead Ghost Hunter Grant Henley’s notes on Shadow People.

Types – Classified as how they appear to the human eye

Human Shaped
These make up the bulk of the Shadow People sightings and include the typical cloaked figure and shadow people wearing hats.  These can come in a variety of combinations.  Obviously what these shadow people are is pure speculation at this point.
The persistent shadow people of the lurking variety don’t seem to be purely evil in intent, and almost seem more interested in us or at least in feeding off our energy.  Others are simply negative manifestations of spirits. Almost universally though, they are a sign of something negative.

Black Mass
Less human in form, but still of that general size and the black mass type of shadow people give the impression of being a human figure but more fuzzy or blurred.  They can change in shape, forming more of a cloud, but the impression is always that an entity it there.
It is my assertion that many of these black mass Shadow People are former people who have become negative spirits. The more time they spend trapped in our plane the more they will grow in power and lose their human identity.  A black mass absorbs more and more negative emotion their sense of being human and who they were in life fades and becomes distorted. In the end, the become a form of the following type of shadow people, demonic.

The most dangerous of the types of Shadow People, demonic shadows should be avoided at all costs.  Among Shadow People, these are one of the few types having the visible eyes.  Demonic forms vary widely, but usually retain a humanoid shape, but are often exaggerated in height, have wings or horns or elongated fingers. Demons are all about manipulation so they will take the form of whatever scares you the most and they will feed off your fear. They do not give the impression of being a normal ghost or sentient entity.

Suggested Motivations – Classified based on various reported interactions

Found in homes and very often around bedrooms, the classic shadow people tend to be lurking.  They will stand in doorways or corners watching their victims. These types of shadow entities don’t seem to have any intent; they are just there observing.  Sometimes they will wander a location, following people, or stalking them. Quite often they flee at being noticed, vanishing around corners or simply by going through a solid wall. Lurkers seem primarily to be attached to an individual and have been known to follow people from one location to the next.

Unlike Lurkers, these will not stay in one spot and watch; they will actively interact in an attempt to harm, frighten their victims.

Typically going from one place to another, and seem not particularly interested in the goings on of those that observe them. Of all the types of Shadow People, these are the least understood as they do not linger and interact with us.

Some sightings of shadow people appear to be omens or portents of something bad happening, much like the legends of seeing a Barghest (Hell Hound) is a portent of death.
Similar to the Lurkers, these entities are associated with just one person and are a more transitory occurrence, stopping after the event or tragedy has taken place.

Haunting is tied to a location and seems to haunt only that area. Those that haunt a location tend to be more malevolent and dangerous to encounter. They seem many times to be trapped in time and do not comprehend the reasons for the person’s presence in their ‘world.' Because of this, they are less likely to flee when spotted and may choose to attack instead.

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