Thursday, February 28, 2019

Awesome Excerpt Thursday! ~ No Mere Mortal (Decagon Book 1) by Amara Dey

Blurb: Peace on the enchanted world of Decagon is about to end. Radiance, its daylight realm, is on the brink of invasion from the night dwellers of Moonshade. And only human-born Venus Myles, a dance teacher unaware of her divine lineage, can stop them.

Radiance sends Bolt to Earth to enlighten Venus, and their passionate connection sizzles. But before Bolt tells Venus the full extent of his world’s dilemma, or the unimaginable consequences if she refuses to help, he is unexpectedly withdrawn.

Reeling from the shock of Bolt’s sudden disappearance, Venus travels to Radiance in search of him…and finds evil at its most depraved lying in wait.

Sexy and enthralling, No Mere Mortal is awash with enchantment, danger, and spicy romance.

Excerpt ~

“Found you, you little mongrel.” With a vicious growl, and a flap of her cloak, Purple Lady levitated and zoomed forward. “No escaping me this time.”

Venus viewed her chances of survival as slim to none without the Mirror, but the potions might slow the woman.

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” Venus replied.

With her eye on the airborne enemy, Venus retrieved the last two vials from her bag, and flung one. It shattered against the tiled wall and the green spillage grew vines. They caught her assailant by the wrists and ankles, held firm, and pulled her tight against the tiles. Arms and legs splayed, she looked ready for a knife thrower to prove his skill.

“I wish I had a dagger to use on you now.” Venus couldn’t help it, the retort fitted the situation.

“You piece of human feces, I should have killed you that night.”

“But instead you ran from my Mirror. You’re naught but a coward and a bully.”

“Who will slash you to ribbons when she frees herself.”

“Whatever,” Venus said, and smashed the second vial on the floor


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