Friday, June 30, 2017

Free Serial Read - The Cabin Part Five

Kisses covered her neck, cheeks, and mouth, he nuzzled her ear, and she smiled. 

“I’m sorry we can’t do more.” His voice soft and gentle curled in her ear and she turned, kissing him sweetly.

“We didn’t have to do anything I would gladly wait.”

“I didn’t want to wait to give you pleasure.” Chele blushed at the comment. Guilt edged her conscious that she hadn’t done the same for him. “And now, unfortunately, I have to work.”

“Do you really, you can’t take the night off?” She knew he wouldn’t, but it was worth a try. The thought of his exit left her with a hollow feeling.

“No, beautiful I can’t. Although I wish to the heavens, I could. I would give anything to be able to stay here with you.” He kissed her again, his ravenous insistence re-igniting her core. I want him so badly, does he know that? Maybe he just finished me off so he couldn’t hold any guilt when he runs. “If I promise to bring you croissants and coffee in the morning will you smile for me, please?” Chele hadn’t realized her inner conflict was showing in her expression, and she immediately gave him a bright smile. He smiled back at her and kissed her again before he shifted to get up. Chele moved to follow him. “Don’t get up; I’ll see you in the morning, beautiful.”

He leaned over kissing her once again before he went to the door. She watched him walk through the door, giving her a small wave before he disappeared into the night.


She was comfortable and decided she didn’t want to move. Chele’s mind drifted into that place just between sleep and dreams. Her entire body tingled, and she pulled the quilt a little tighter. Remembering the heated touch of Nick’s hands, the way he made her whimper and want more. It had been so long since she’d found solace in someone’s arms. She sunk deeper into beautiful slumber, her body continuing to tingle as if his touch had left a lasting imprint on her skin.

Even in the eaves of slumber, the electricity ran up her back and across her neck. Her mind began to create its visualizations. Hands smoothed over her shoulders, dipping beneath the fabric of her shirt. His hands, once warm were now cool, cupping her breasts a sliding sensation trickled down her neck and across the top of her breast. Like an ice cube teasing her sensitive nerves. Chele instinctively shifted onto her back giving the wonderful hands room to roam. They played with her nipples. Still circling before tugging on them, pulling a gasp of pleasure from the depths of her mind, her body responded like never before. The touch would disappear, and her body quivered in almost a painful need for reconnection. When it would return, the intensity of pleasure drowned her.
God, I am not sure I can wait, I want him so badly…

Breath played against her ear. “Did you miss me, Chele?”

“Oh, God yes, Nick,” His mouth appeared on the nape of her neck, while his hands pinned her down onto the couch. His body, hard and cold pressed against her. He must have just come in from the cold. He needs to be warmed up. Chele went to move her arms around him but then remembered his hands holding her down. “You’re cold mountain man. You need to warm up,”  Chele said opening her eyes to the dark room hearing a groan in her neck. She tried to move again, and his grip got tighter around her wrists. “Nick, this is fun but I –-“ Lifting her eyes, they were met by green translucent orbs. The first thing she thought was a cat, until the shadows behind its head became horns. The scream that escaped her lungs went silent, and her heart stopped cold when it showed its jagged teeth in a mock smile. The scream returned, and she fought.

Her eyes opened, she was free, and she jumped off the couch. There was no one in the room, and everything was as she left it when she first closed her eyes. It was a dream. A horrible, terrifying dream.

A loud knock at the door made her jump out of her skin, and she turned half chuckling to herself. If that is Nick, I swear to god he is my white knight I will marry him…

Opening the door mid laugh she came face to face with three men, none of them being Nick.


To Be Continued!

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