Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Serial Read - The Cabin (Part 4)

Nick relaxed and told her the story of Jen and the purple prose. They finished their tea, and he excused himself to return to work, but not before asking her to meet him for breakfast.

Nick raced home, showered and changed in time to get to the café early. He’d never been to the café, a bakery with tables outside, he’d been to the diner but thought the café would be a little more private.  He ordered some coffee and waited. “Good Morning.”

He heard her voice and rose from his seat. She met him with a small hug before taking the seat across from him. “Good Morning.”

“How was your night?”

“Uneventful, just the way I like it.”

“What is an eventful night like?”

“I can deal with any number of things, from bears raiding the fridge to trucks stuck in the mud.”

The waiter approached and took their orders, leaving behind a fresh cup of coffee for Chele. “You must have a catalog of stories.”

“Probably not as many as you’d think and not interesting enough to be called stories.”

“So what would you find interesting Mr. Wall?”

“You want to know?” She nodded in earnest, a sparkle in her eyes.  “Okay, I will show you.”

They ate breakfast, chatted and Nick held open the door of his jeep. Chele climbed in, and he drove them into the backwoods of Breckenridge to a spot he found years before. “Where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” Nick stopped the truck and parked. He strode around, meeting her at the door. His finger over his lips, he reached out grasping Chele’s hand.  Leading her through the brush he checked back to make sure she was okay. Chele seemed to be handling the trek fairly well. A good sign of things to come.  Nick rounded the next tree and crouched to the ground behind a fallen log. Chele arrived behind him, crouching in the same manner, looking to him. Her eyes wide in wonder, her brow furrowed in slight confusion. Nick raised his finger to his lips, before pointing beyond the log to a small clearing a few hundred yards in front of them.

It only took a few moment and then they appeared. A large brown bear padded into the clearing and Chele’s eyes went wide. She looked at him, and he motioned for her to look back at the clearing. Three baby bears followed their mother into the clearing. One of the babies swatted at the bear in front of him, before leaping onto his back. They rolled on the ground playing and nipping at each other. Nick looked to Chele; her eyes focused on the family before them. The soft light of the forest seemed to make her eyes glow. He found himself enamored by her and when she met his eyes, he felt a smile spread across his face.  Chele leaned forward her breath against his neck. “This is amazing.”

She leaned back, her hand covering his while her gaze went back to the setting. His thumb traced the top of her hand, and she relaxed against his shoulder.


The amazing afternoon took Chele’s breath away, and when they arrived at her cabin, she was disappointed that the day would end. He followed her up the steps, and she unlocked the door. “Do you want to come in for some coffee?”

She leaned against the door, his eyes piercing her core. She wanted him to kiss her; she wanted to close her eyes and feel his soft lips pressing against hers. “I have to work tonight; I should probably take a rain-check.” 

“I forgot you had to work, maybe we could—“ His lips met her in a rush of heat, pressing her against the doorframe. Strong but tender, he played with her lips, her breath, teasing her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

Her arms encircled his neck, the heat of his body enticing her. Pulling him closer, she opened to him, and he explored her mouth with fervor. His fingers ran idly through her hair sending delicious chills up her spine. Wow, he is a really good kisser

His lips left hers, and she opened her eyes. He stared down at her, breathless. A fingertip had lined her bottom lip before he kissed her again, gently sucking her bottom lip into his mouth.  His hard body pressed against hers and her core ignited. “Nick, you have to work.”

He pushed through the door, guiding her to the living room. “Later.”  He sat back into the couch pulling her with him. She landed on top of him her legs intertwining within his. Their mouths met again, his hands roamed down her back, over her ass and up again. The gentle caress stroked the fire burning within her core. Her hands curled against his chest, and she shifted, putting a slight pressure on the growing bulge between them. His response was to push against her body, his tonguing of her mouth becoming more intense and demanding.

He shifted, and she rolled into his arms. He trapped her against the back of the couch. Angled against her, he had access to every part of her.

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