Friday, May 19, 2017

Free Short Read - The Cabin (Part 1)

When Chele Masters retreats to a remote cabin to escape her controlling ex-boyfriend and stress filled life she has no idea what’s waiting for her in the darkness.

Candlelight, soft music, warm water and endless bubbles. Could there be anything more heavenly than a relaxing bubble bath? Chele Masters found she could think of nothing else. Making it even better, there was no chance of interruption. No signal on the phone, no internet, and no one of consequence in miles. Heaven.

I could soak in here all night if I wanted and no one would care.

Chele shifted, the thought laying hard in the bottom of her stomach. Just remember what Jen said…rest relax and let the stress of the past year melt away. By the time I get there, you should be a pile of clay and ready to be remolded and pampered at the spa.

Chele’s cheeks reddened, not feeling deserving of Jen’s attention. Her best friend of eleven years arranged the whole affair, whisking her away, despite objection, to her family’s remote mountain cabin outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. There she would remain for the weekend. Jen planned to join her on Monday for the second part of their excursion, a super secret spa resort Jen’s family went to annually. 

All because you are an idiot. Stop it and just relax. It’s over. No more being afraid, no more worrying, no more stress…

Chele inhaled the deep warm air into her lungs and closed her eyes.
A creak made her open her eyes, a thump made her sit up, her heart pounding. The towel was in reach. Chele moved and so did the door knob. It opened, she screamed, and grabbed the towel.


She wrapped the towel around her body. All she could see was a shadow in the doorway. “Get out!”


“Get out!” The door closed with a thud. Tugging on her bathrobe, Chele shook uncontrolled, pushing herself in the corner of the room. Who was he? How did he get in?

“Hello?” the muffled voice pierced the door of the bathroom.

What the hell was he still doing here! Why wouldn’t he just leave her alone! “Go away!”

“I would, but I kind of need to know who you are?”

“None of your business!”

What the hell? Who is this guy, the cabin police?

“I’m sorry I scared you. I didn’t know there was anyone here.”

“Do you make a habit of entering other people’s houses?” She inched her way to the door, his voice sounding honest and soothing. If he wanted to attack her, he could have, it wasn’t like the bathroom was locked.

“Well…I actually do. I’m the Federal Ranger and I check in on the cabins to make sure there are no squatters.”

Chele thought about it, insulted. “I am not a squatter!”

“Prove it.” The challenge didn’t seem forceful, more matter of fact. If he was in fact a Federal Ranger she wasn’t in any harm, but still trapped in the bathroom.

“I’m a friend of Jen Langston, this is her families cabin. I’m staying here for the weekend.” She waited for a response, footsteps backed away from the door. “I can give you her number to confirm, if you have a phone to call out on.” Silence. “Are you there?”

“I know Jenny, I can call her myself.” His voice gruff and affected, the calm and soothing tone having disappeared. “I’m leaving now. I’ll be back tomorrow.” 

She listened to his footsteps walk down the hall. The front door opened and then closed.  Chele breathed a sigh of relief but her stomach knotted. Just breathe… Her eyes were unbearably heavy and she wanted desperately to just sleep. Extinguishing the candles and draining the tub, Chele exited the bathroom, a cool draft curling around her ankles.

She padded down the hall, peering cautiously into the living room and kitchen. Empty, thank God. Locking the door and shutting off the lights, Chele scurried to the bedroom closing the door behind her. Flopping onto the bed she didn’t even bother to change out of her robe. The blankets were soft and fit snugly around her weary body. She didn’t expect to be this tired, especially with her relaxing space being invaded by a complete stranger.  The event seemed to break the camel’s back. Her mind folded into itself and shut off.

Tune in next Friday for the next part! ~

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