Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fiction Friends - Through It All by Muoh Joanne

Through It All
By  Muoh Joanne

When Cassandra Peters returns to Nigeria to mourn her fathers death, she is hurt, confused, and in pain. She has but one intentionto be done with it all and return to the comfort of her medical practice in the United States as quickly as possible. That is, until she meets Lucas and then gets more than she bargained for.

Lucas is a man with a dark past. Young, enigmatic, and fiercely protective of his adopted family, he seems to have no space for anyone else in his heart. Yet he finds himself inexplicably drawn to Cassie, and she finds herself falling in love with the man who infuriates yet thrills her.

But just when it seems that these two are set to capture happiness, Lucas finds his past catching up to him. A deep tragedy sets in, and Cassie finds her world crumbling around her yet again. Against all odds, will Lucas get the redemption he seeks? And will Cassie embrace the love she so deserves?

Why is it so hard for you to share your problems with someone  else? His pain was evident in his eyes. Why cant you lean on me?
He rubbed his eyes. If you cant trust me, I wonder where were going.
He jogged down the stairs and took the twins hands.

She couldnt let this go on. She couldnt hurt him. She couldnt stand knowing she had hurt the one man she was head over heels in
love with. Lucas! She raced down the stairs.

Everything seemed to happen in a blur. She saw the speeding car out of the corner of her eyes and watched in horror as Lucas let go of Nadies hand to twirl and face her. 

She was rooted in shock as she watched Nadie get hit by the speeding car as she crossed the road after Lucas let go of her hand. Cassie heard a scream and realized it was hers. She covered her mouth with her hands as she looked at Nadies awkwardly positioned and bloodied body. She watched the car speed off.

Lucas ran to Nadie while people gathered. Someone picked up Natalie and turned her face away from Nadies body.

Cassie! What the hell are you doing standing over there? Lucas yelled.

That was all she needed to get her adrenaline pumping. She was back to being a medical doctor. She knew what she had to do. Oh God  please keep my baby sister safe! She pushed her way through the throng. 

She heard her aunt frantically asking someone to call an ambulance.


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