Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Genius Brain of M LeMont – How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers

I discovered M Lemont via Twitter (shocker, right?). Someone re-tweeted a promo tweet for his book, Write Like You’re Already Famous! The cover of the book and the title intrigued so I went on to Kindle Unlimited and downloaded it. Took me only a few days to start reading and within the first chapter I was already taking notes! I honestly haven’t finished the book because I immediately downloaded How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers: Twitter Secrets Revealed by An Expert (HTG100K Dare 2B GR8 Series) and dove in.

I have read a lot of marketing / social media how-to books and I usually don’t complete the books (even if they are short). I rarely review these kind of books because I hesitate to endorse or condemn anything that is subjective. All of that being said, I am not only going to rave about this book I am also going to admit my professional worship and  intellectual crush on M LeMont.

M LeMont (@mistersalesman) while an open book, is a bit of a mystery and personally, I kinda dig it. He’s like the alpha male of social media—confident, cool, educated, a love of the finer things and I know he has a gadget or two he is keeping to himself. 

So he is cool, big deal? Why, why is this on different, Amy? Why are you willing to go out on limb for this guy, this book, this system? 

Well as LeMont would say, the proof is in the results! I’ve been using only part of the system he lines out in the book and I have already gained 134 followers since the beginning of December 2016.  I know, my word is not enough, well peeps, let me lay it out.

HTG100KTF is simple, logical, and encouraging. . Lemont’s tone is not condescending or arrogant. His narrative voice makes you feel like he is talking directly to you, an old friend, over a glass of wine. In his book, M LeMont encourages you to engage him directly and it is not just a ploy. He is also completely engaged on Twitter! I have engaged him directly several times and enjoyed the conversation. Not auto-tweets, not canned answers, real conversation with candid commentary. 

How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers: Twitter Secrets Revealed by An Expert (HTG100K Dare 2B GR8 Series) is not a promise, it is not a guarantee, because the results depend entirely on you. HTG100KTF is a comprehensive, logical, no nonsense, no double-talk, plan of action for you to, for whatever reason, increase your influence on Twitter. 

As an author trying to find an audience, I whole heartedly recommend this book. Read it, follow it, memorize it and get it done. 

Here is a clip from the Amazon listing of HTG100KTF
“I'm not only the Author of a bestseller Twitter book, but I'm also a CLIENT. I USE the strategies every day to gain 200,000+ followers. I gain over 12,000 Followers a month and so do a lot of other people who read the book and implemented the strategies.”

The Book Offers:
• The Secret tool how to find people who follow back
• Six Powerful Factors that work fast!
• How to use the Secret formula to gain 300-400 followers a day
• Strategies for an unfair advantage
• Time-saving shortcuts

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