Monday, December 12, 2016

My Intellectual Crush

If you Google Intellectual Crush Definition, a whole bunch of stuff comes up. The only actual definition I found is in the Urban Dictionary:
A crush on someone that developed because of admiration for the person's skill/talent/intellectual abilities etc... Often used to clarify that crushes of the same gender are more or less platonic and not sexual in nature.

I have a few of these crushes, and I have mentioned them in previous blogs. 
These people inspire me, and make me sigh with the brilliance of their minds!
JJ Abrahms
Seth McFarlane
Joss Wheadon
George Clooney (although this one could go either way)

I am adding someone to the list. This is not done without serious consideration as it is very few who reach this status in my world but Oh Nelly I am in love…
His name is Bob Mayer, and if you have an eye on my activities you know I have been gobbling up his media like Christmas candy! Those who do not know who Bob Mayer is, let me introduce you. His bio on Goodreads: A West Point graduate, former Green Beret and NY Times best-selling author and motivational speaker/consultant. He is the Co-Creator of Who Dares Wins Publishing. He has written over 45 titles under his name and his several pen names, including Robert Doherty He has co-authored several books with Jennifer Crusie.

He is also the owner of a wonderful blog titled after a remarkable novel, Write it Forward, Who Dares Wins! what is the attraction? He is a teacher, and a real author. Not one of those people who says they are an author and puts out a bunch of books to help other authors just to make money. 

His books, his theory, his thought process makes sense to me. It isn’t bunch of hooey to fill pages, it is black and white.  I have been meaning to read several of his books for almost a year now. I recently discovered the text to speech feature on my Kindle and holy hell I am an idiot! I am kicking myself for waiting as long as I have to read the man’s books! I could go into a long explanation as to what his books say and suggest but honestly, just go read them. I am being sincere about this, if you hate them I will refund your money!! LOL!

I am going to branch off for a second to try and explain why this is such an impactful moment for me. I was published in 2010 and since then I have released eleven novels.  I have learned so much about myself, the business, the web and the world. I have been gathering all of this information (and there is a lot to process) to try and plan for the future, what it is I want, what I need, and what is possible. 

I discovered I am a writer (go figure) and I want to be the BEST writer I can be. I want to learn, expand, grow, hone, define, and perfect my abilities.  Knowing this and doing something about it are two different things. I am 42, not a spring chicken, but I have the hunger of a 23 year old eyeing the world to conquer.
Mr. Mayer has written 45 novels (more now I think), he has been writing for 20 years, he has been on the best seller list, and he literally (not exaggeration here) sells about 1500 books a day.  So now my interest is peaked, right? Wow, who doesn’t want to be like him? Thus the reasons I initially bought his books. Let me make a clarification, I bought his non-fiction books – 102 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes, and the Novel Writer’s Toolkit—both looked promising. 

I just finished them and I went a step further and put Mr. Mayer to the ultimate test. I bought and read one of his fiction books, ‘Don’t Look Down’ co-authored by Jennifer Cruise. 

Hell he may look good on paper but can he deliver the pros?
Uh, yeah, he can.
Seriously, he can. 

Wow, so not only does the man speak my language, as in he was able to penetrate my concrete noggin to enable me to ‘get it’ as far as my writing, he is also really good at the craft. This sounds like an oxymoron, but it is all too often people who write how to books cannot actually write fiction to save their lives.
So now I have joined the cult, I am an avid reader, follower, and supporter of Bob Mayer and all he does. The man is a freakin’ genius, and I can only hope to be half the writer and or business person he is. 

If you are a writer, READ his books, if you are a READER, read his books, I love romantic suspense and I started with ‘Don’t Look Down’ and I loved it. As a writer I started with 102 Solutions. I have posted reviews on all, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn and grow in their craft.
So THAT my friends is an intellectual crush!

Ba-Zinga!! --Oh did I tell you Sheldon Cooper is on the list as well—hahaha!

Live, Love, Learn--Everyday

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