Saturday, December 24, 2016

M Lemont Unleashes Brilliance with Write Like You’re Already Famous!

Do you remember the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka? The ticket to your wildest dreams and utmost fantasies? Well Write Like You’reAlready Famous (WLYAF) is like that. WLYAF is full of Golden Nuggets, each one a plethora of information when read, studied, pondered and then actualized will help you create your own golden ticket. When M LeMont states says you’re already famous he is giving you the keys to the kingdom, encouraging every reader to defy the ‘rules’, smash the box and break out of our own self-imposed shells. 

WLYAF is witty, thought provoking and entertaining. Author M Lemont shares a wealth of information in varies forms. Some of them direct, some subliminal, all with the intention of motivating you to be the best you can be and break out from millions vying for their fifteen-minutes of fame.

Write Like You’re Already Famous  starts as an interview, a taste of the finer things, a little dazzle and mystery with co-author Jennifer Lopez.  You get to eavesdrop on a conversation between two professionals and Jennifer does a great job of asking the questions I would have if in her shoes. Next you dive into the theory and the reality of being an author in today’s digital universe. It is a tough act and M Lemont shares his strife and victories. 

Then we get to the conversation with you (or me) the direct ‘here’s what you need to do and why’ nitty-gritty of the book.  This includes the Golden Nuggets as well as an introduction to other amazing thought provoking ideas and people out there doing exactly what you are! WLYAF has a bit of repetition, but for me repetition works, it reminds me of how everything is connected and nothing can be put in a silo. You can’t complete only one or two pieces of the puzzle and expect success, you have to follow through to the end. 

Reverberation and spinning of the same ideas in new ways  is actually one of the genius tactics in WLYAF. LeMont challenges the readers to the end, making sure they are paying attention and not skimming the nuggets. If you don’t read the book cover to cover you’ll miss some of the best information he has to offer.

M Lemont taught us about Twitter, the ins and outs and the steps to becoming a master of the Twitter-verse. Write Like You’re Already Famous teaches us about ourselves and give us the tools need to push out of the norm and accomplish our goals.

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