Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Lists

List, category, record, register, to be recorded on paper, notebook, computer, napkin, palm of hand... Any way you write them, or where, lists are a part of life and part of my Sunday routine. What did I get done and what do I need to accomplish and in what order?

Having a full time job, three kids and lots of creative endeavors, lists are the only thing to keep me on track and in line with my world, my goals and the path forward. From grocery lists, to lists of people to call, lists of what needs to be accomplished first, list of what needs more or less. One of the most important aspect of list writing for me, besides the whole ‘remembering’ thing is they give me perspective. When you can get all of the chaos loosely contained in a list of some fashion I am able to break it down, categorize, organize, and figure out how to get it done. Sometimes there is so much it is literally impossible and something needs to get bumped, delayed or cancelled.

This is not a lecture on listing. This is to say YOU are not crazy! Make your endless lists. Create a list of lists if you have too, just make sure you are checking things off, moving forward and LIVING your Best life!

Here's a tip, while we have all kinds of lists for things we have to do! Why not start a list of things we want to do. Just one or two will work.

Things I WANT to do this Week

Walk 6,000 steps every day this week
Watch Suicide Squad

I will check in next week to let you know what happens!

Happy Sunday!

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