Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tried and True - The Three Episode Test

If you have read any of my television reviews you will see me acknowledge 'the three episode test'. 

This is a test I've developed after years of television watching. It is simple, and works wonders in the judgment of whether a show is engaging and potentially lasting.

When a show premieres I give it three chances, three episodes to hook me. 
Why three? Well, I've found many times it will take three episodes to completely flesh out the potential of a show. 

The pilot is just that - the pilot. Sometimes they are action packed, amazing and lift the show off the ground. Have you ever watched the second episode and gotten a completely different feel from it? Where are you are asking if it is the same show?

Sometime the pilot sucks, just not enough umph, but then watching episodes two and three you really get into the meat of the plot. 
And sometimes, the pilot is amazing, the first episode is okay, and the second episode complete pulls you back into the fun!

Thus, three. If you can't hook me in three, I doubt you will be around next season to hook me at all.

It is not always accurate, but 98% of the time it works.

So that is the three episode test. How do you decide if a show is worth the space on your DVR? 
Love to hear from you!!

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