Friday, September 18, 2015

SNS Nails - Must Have For Fall

The newest must have nails! I LOVE my nails, they are worry free, beautiful and all mine! I am spreading the word as everyone I have attempted to explain this to looks at me like I an nutz!

They are called SNS for Signature Nail System and here is what it is! For years my mother and sister have been going to the nail salon and getting tips on our nails for the length. Then you usually go back every two weeks for a 'fill' these are called acrylic nails. My family usually get the pink and white version as they don't chip and look professional.
So one day I go into my nail salon to get a fill and they want me to be a guinea pig for this new nail system. I say, sure why not?  From that I day I have not stopped and now instead of having tips, I have my real nails and the SNS polish does not chip (awesomeness!)

SNS is a dipping system that is natural and healthy to your real nails. SNS dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer and no UV light. SNS is for healthy nails, unlike gel or acrylic. SNS are much thinner, light weight, easy to do and most importantly, helps your nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium.

The GELous Soak-off Color Powder is the one and only Gel Polish product that is able to create the natural look of a French Color Tip and have multiple color designs with over 320 exceptional colors. GELous Soak-off Color Powder can be done on a real nail as Soak-off Manicure Gel or on SNS Natural Set with the choice of Half-moon (French Color Tip) or whole nail. GELous Soak-off Color Powder will last for more than 14 days with a mirror finish while having no damage to the nail bed, and it only requires 10 minutes to soak off in Acetone. GELous Soak-off Color Powder are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free.

Last but not least a pic of MY nails! I really do love them!They are long, strong and hard, just like acrylics...

For more information go to SNS

BONUS - I downloaded the step by step directions on applying the SNS Nail

What do you think? Had a GREAT or HORRID experience, Tell Me! I want to know.

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