Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Mother's Day Gift Idea's!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries – This is a simple one you can have your children contribute to. 
It is quick, easy, and fairly mess free.
Needed, strawberries and hardening chocolate, I always use Dolci-Frutta. Fairly reasonably priced and always yummy. Clean the strawberries and dry. Put down some wax or parchment paper to lay out your strawberries to dry after dipping.  Dip your berries in as much or as little chocolate as you want. Let them harden and you are finished. Put them in a Tupperware container or run to your local craft store and find a wooden or paper box you can decorate.
This is the basics, if you want to be an overachiever, you can create a strawberry bouquet using wooden skewers and a vase.  I would love to see your final products, so send them to me!!

Mom's Spa Day – A little more expensive but if you shop smart you can pull this off without wrecking your budget.  The idea is to create a 'spa day' experience for your Mom at home. Now there is the quick and easy version of this and then there is the over achiever version.
Quick and Easy
A soft cozy large body towel
Scented bubble bath
A smutty romance
Two candles (unscented)
Small box of chocolates
Gift Bag
Load everything into the gift bag
Throw in your mother's day card and some tissue paper.

Mother's Day Overachievers
A soft cozy large body towel
Favorite scented bubble bath, body wash, and body lotion
A smutty romance
Small box of chocolates
Green Apple (this is totally optional, all I know is when I have gone the real spa a Green apple tastes decadent after a long soak.)
Two scented candles that compliment the favorite fragrances
An inflatable tub pillow
Purchase a decorative hat box from the local craft store or a nice study basket
(I prefer the hatbox because after opened Mom can put the lid on and use for future bath fun or something else.)
Purchase a roll of clear cellophane
Pretty colored ribbon to match your towel

Load everything into the hatbox. Use your talents to make it pretty and all display like.
Wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

Then you can go super easy with the whole gift card inside a card. Is it a cop out? Probably, but it is the ONLY way to ensure your Mom gets exactly what she wants / needs. You cannot lose with any of these on Mother's Day:
Kindle (yes, you can purchase a gift card for your Mom's Kindle!)
A local spa or masseur
Manicure / Pedicure
Any Maid Service (Merry Maid, Molly Maid and the Maids all have gift certificate options and are all over the country)

Last but certainly not least, a good old fashioned love letter is always an excellent call on Mother's Day!. If you are not a person who writes, here are some cheats for you.

Love – whole list of love letters for Mom's. Read some and take what fits you best for
your Mother's Day note. -  Read the cards for inspiration. Why not just buy the card? It means more if it is handwritten. With everything printed and digitized in today's world a handwritten note is appreciated and treasured, especially on Mother's Day.

Quotes About Mothers – Again you can peruse for inspiration or jot a few down on some nice stationary.

However you decide to celebrate your Mom always be sure it comes from the heart! After all she is your Mom!

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  1. Woooow… i love quotes and sayings… when i am in a bad mood i just read the quotes and sayings... Thank you for sharing this.


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