Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ode to My BFF on Her Birthday

My BFF for the past eight years, and the rest of my mortal life’s name is Brenda. We met through work, which was odd in itself as I do not have the best track record with women in the workplace.  
That particular day, I was assisting my boss with some job interviews. Out of all the candidates, I was the most impressed with Brenda.  We thought alike and I saw something in her that told me she was different…special. That fateful meeting was the beginning of a wonderful and cherished friendship.
Brenda and work at the same company, but we are separated by job functions. We both have families and very busy lives. We can go for weeks without a word to each other but, eventually an ache appears, and we need a BFF fix. We pick up the phone schedule a long lunch and talk like we saw each other yesterday.
Every relationship requires attention, but sometimes you connect with someone on a deeper level. Brenda and I know each other better than we know ourselves. We keep each other focused, support the other no matter what, and love the other unconditionally.  We talk each other down, lift each other up and laugh until we cry as often as possible.
Recently, I sent her an email that began like this... “I am not sure if this is for me or for you. I feel like one or both of us need this so here goes…”
Any other friend would read that email and think I was losing it. My BFF knew what I was saying, doing, and accepted it. No questions, and no doubts.

We traded journal like emails everyday over two months.  It turns out that those two months were hell on both of us. We got through it together, as friends and I thank the heavens everyday that I have been so blessed to have her in my life.

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