Monday, June 2, 2014

The Modern Woman Motto : Tell Me No - I Dare You!

OMG! Are You Superwoman? Yes, yes I am. How can you tell? Is it the smart phone I read, while taking notes, and eating lunch? Is it the briefcase, the purse, the packed lunch and the laptop bag? Or could it be the sparkle in my eye that says “I dare you”?
Every woman in today’s world is a Super Woman,  whether you are Condoleezza Rice, or Susie Homemaker. To survive in the ADD driven society around us we all must be super women. There is no choice. I save the world, or my little place in it, every day. Sometimes staying up until midnight finishing a school project that is due tomorrow--and just happened to get forgotten about right after it was assigned two-weeks prior. Other times changing out of my comfy sweats to prove to the local store clerk at GameStop that my seventeen-year old son, is in fact seventeen, so he can purchase the “M” rated game with his Christmas money.
 I also display my extraordinary powers when I come to the one o’clock client meeting with the charts and data they are expecting, despite the fact they never in fact verbalized the need. To those who know me well, it is just who I am. It is expected.
Those who encounter me for the first time it might think I do have super-powers granted from a far off world
beyond the sun. Either way the label Super Woman is succinct and gets the point across, although I am of the opinion I am no different than any other woman, I just know how to work it a little be more.
 I want to share knowledge, tips and tricks I have learned in my forty years in the hope they may somehow assist all of those super women out there who feel a little overwhelmed, and or under appreciated.  As well as introducing the world to the Super Women I know and love! To start the ball rolling I will tell you a little about me, and I mean a little – I am a woman--and yes I have double checked, no demon, male hating entity here.
I am married with three children, three dogs, and three cats. I love every single one to death! I have a best friend by the name of Brenda, for whom you will hear me reference often.  I live in northern Texas, I grew up on the East Coast, lived in Las Vega for a spell (best damn time I have ever had…) and then the West Coast. I work for a Document Solutions Company in the MPS division.
I am also a romance novelist–no really check it out on Amazon! I have lots of unrealistic goals, worries, financial obligations, kids who think money grows on trees, that credit is free money and all of the stress to go along with being a wife, mother, sister – yes I have a younger sister—daughter, friend, co-worker, blogger, author and expert. Can I do it all? Tell me I can’t – I dare ya!

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