Sunday, May 19, 2019

Super Hero Sunday! ~ What is Your Super Hero Code?

Every Super Hero has a moment when the tide turns in their favor, the story climaxes all of the pieces fit into place and the circle is complete. Usually this is when they set their sights on righting the wrongs and stopping the villain once and for all. Then they get this look, the -- okay, you want to play, let’s go, bring it on! In this moment, they know, you know, and the villain probably has an inkling as well, the hero is going to win and there is nothing you can do to stop him.

"Tell Me No, I Dare You", is my way of laying a challenge out to all those who will oppose me. I have my dreams, aspirations, motivators and or goals. There will be obstacles in achieving them, but I will prevail and I will do it using all of the weapons in my arsenal. 

Warning though, don’t become too cocky with your superpowers, always play to win.

Confidence is the key, and part of that confidence is knowing your personal code, aka your Super Hero code.  A personal code, to me, is a list of parameters you will live within, strive for and even defend. The outline of who you want to be, to yourself and those around you.

The revelation of my personal code came when I read a fabulous book, “Guts!: Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-as-usual”. First, love the title because it sums up the requirement for anything you want in life. It is all there for the taking, you just have to have the guts to go for it! My hope is to help you discover your superpower-- and you do have one-- and empower you with the guts to go after everything you want.  I have my code tacked to my bulletin board at work and I find myself looking at more often than naught. It reminds me of who I am, what I am about, and how powerful I am. I like to think my heroes live by the same code and I am probably right.
  • Stand up and people will stand with you
  • If you messed up, fess up
  • The answer isn’t “I don’t know”, it is “I will find out”
  • Admit you will never know it all, there is always something to be learned
  • The only constant is change
  • Your gut is never wrong
  • To cut a corner is to lose the journey
  • Do it right, or don’t do it
  • Coincidence is denial, not an exception
  • What you push out always comes back to shove you

So now I have an assignment for you, what is your code? List out the things you live by, and for, every day. Now take a moment to think about what each of these statements means to you.  Life experience makes the meaning different for each individual. The meanings will also change with age. A statement may mean something to you now, and have a different meaning later on in your life.

Now take each of these statements and change them into an "I Will."
Like this, 
  • I will fight for what I believe in
  • I will admit my mistakes, and learn from them
  • I will strive to know the answers
  • I will always embrace a different point of view
  • I will strive to adapt
  • I will trust myself
  • I will accept every challenge with open arms
  • I will never accept less than my best from myself
  • I will get up when I fall
  • I will always deliver results with honesty, integrity and confidence

Every hero survives because of a core strength built on a personal code, like the one we just did. The code lay close to their heart and are what guide them, protect them and in the end save them. Read what you wrote. How amazing are you? These are the reasons you are strong, these are the reasons you will survive no matter what. These are the reasons you can look a challenge in the eye and say "Bring on your worst!"
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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Awesome Excerpt Thursday ~ The Devil Take You by H K Carlton

The Devil Take You – by H K Carlton – Historical Romance


Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate, in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage.

Known in the Highlands as the legendary devil, Gard Marschand raids his way across Scotland and England amassing power and property in his malevolent wake. He will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost— even conceal his true identity and associate with his enemies. His determination is all-consuming until he and his men lay siege to Ross-shire holding and one feisty Scottish lass obliterates his single-minded purpose.

Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need for revenge for a love that just might save his rotten soul? Or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?

I believe your stay in purgatory has only just begun…

This story has been previously published

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A plume of black smoke rose over the burm, swirling into the sky.

“Dear God, not again.” Brae dropped the bouquet she had been fashioning and ran, perhaps stupidly, toward the village. Even with the wind whistling through her ears, the commotion and terror-filled shrieks of the town folk still reached her.

With her attention focused on locating her family, Brae didn’t hear the horses behind her until the last second.

All of a sudden, her feet lost contact with the damp earth. She choked on a scream as some unknown assailant grabbed her by the hair and plucked her from the ground. The destrier never slowed its pace as she dangled precariously in midair.

In agony, Brae clamped her hands on either side of her head—her scalp threatened to peel away from her skull.

The kidnapper hauled her up in front of him and body slammed her stomach-first onto the horse’s back. Brae’s breath rushed from her lungs at the force. She bunched her hand into the rider’s enormous black cloak and hung on for dear life.

While she struggled to breathe, the brigand wrapped his rather large leather-clad hand around her backside.

“This one be mine!” The sound of his deep voice chilled her. By his accent, he was English! Braelynn closed her eyes and recalled the warnings from Callum and her da. Had her own father’s words cursed her? Was she to learn the lesson the hard way?

She was afraid to open her eyes, but she knew by the smell stinging her nose that they were close to the source of the acrid smoke.

The horses came to an abrupt halt. Brae barely had time to register the fact when someone from behind grabbed her by the ankles and attempted to rip her from her captor’s lap.

“She be mine,” her captor growled.

To her horror her skirt rode high.

“I want her!” the second brigand responded while caressing her bare leg. Brae’s skin crawled.

In terror, she stared up at the raider holding her while the other slid his rough hands ever higher up her plaid.

Leather creaked when her captor leaned in the saddle. He placed one large booted foot in the center of his rival’s chest and shoved. At once, Brae’s lower body dropped as he fell backward from the blow. Her arms pulled taut, stretching painfully, supporting her weight.

Without warning, the man holding her suddenly released his grip. Brae slid down the horse’s side and fell to the ground with a thud in a tangle of voluminous skirts. She did not wait to disentangle herself but seized the opportunity to flee. She leapt to her feet intending to run, but her captor was faster. He grabbed her by the hair yet again. Circling it around his hand, he reeled her in.

“Not so fast, Caileag.” He sneered the last as if it were a nasty word. “You and I have some business to attend.”

Brae fought him, kicking, punching, and scratching, but to no avail. With his enormous reach, he held her at bay until another one of the black-garbed knights gathered her from behind and pushed her into the lean-to attached to the smithy. She landed heavily on one hip on the sub-floor, with the stranger’s hand still wrapped around her hair. He let it uncoil. Long strands hung from his gloves. Her scalp ached.

Petrified, she stared up at the small crowd now gathered. There were four of them, but more outside.

“Come, Marschand. You never take the women. Ya are just tryin’ to prove yourself to Cowan. Give her to me. She’s too bonnie fer the likes a you,” one man jeered.

All the men were dressed the same, entirely in black. But her original captor, the one they referred to as Marschand, was truly pitch-dark from head to toe, including his hair and beard. Even his eyes were two bottomless orbs of bleakness.

Brae gasped. ’Tis him! The devil himself! Absolute terror tried to climb its way up her throat.

Copyright © 2019 H.K. Carlton

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eXtasy Books

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Also available in Print

Author Bio:

H K Carlton is a multi-genre Canadian author of romance, with over thirty titles in publication. From naughty to nice, historical to contemporary, time travel to space travel, and everything in between.

Variety is creativity’s playground—It’s where you’ll find me

Author Links
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Writing Warrior Wednesday ~ The Alpha Male

The leader of the pack, the man of the house, the head honcho. The Alpha Male is the strength and the order in chaos. He is the one you look to for guidance. It is a physical and mental strength that shows for only one in any given scenario. Alpha Male is, in a word, dominance, usually male but not always.
The alpha male is a term that is generally used to describe a male that seems dominant in his social circles, seems to possess an unending appeal towards women, and displays general leadership characteristics and traits. The term alpha male has been derived from the term 'alpha dog,' a term that is used to pinpoint the leader of a pack of wolves or dogs.
Many conflicts are sourced in the code of the alpha male. It is true in the wild, and it is true in the modern world.  As writers, it is the heart of the driven plot, the classic struggle between the Protagonist and the Antagonist, and sometimes the Protagonist and the Contagonist.  The battle for power, whether for money, information, or love, is intense, heated, and sometimes violent. There are many alpha male traits to distinguish between an alpha male and a beta male, both in life and in your characters.

Alpha Male Traits
Here is a list of alpha male characteristics that can help you identify alpha males in your story, and also help you develop some of these alpha male characters.

Alpha Male Traits - Personality Traits

Talking Deliberately: It is commonly observed that if one is speaking to someone in a position higher than themselves, they tend to speak fast to maintain their attention and interest. When an Alpha talks, it’s slow, thoughtful, and deliberate. He knows that no matter what he says, he will be listened to, and thus no need to rush through his words.

Acknowledging Others: The Alpha knows how to appreciate and acknowledge other people. H will always be open to ideas and suggestions from others and will not dismiss anyone or anything without sincerely considering them.

Aloof: Alpha’s seem like they are just not interested. Their body language seems to suggest that they are always immersed in their own thoughts, and this even makes them seem self-centered. However, they are paying attention, very close attention, usually.

Attracts Women: An irresistible charm oozes out of them and sweeps all the ladies off their feet. It is no one singular characteristic, rather the combination of all the Alpha male traits which makes them so appealing.

Alpha Male Traits - Psychological Traits

Confidence: The biggest asset to possess, no matter where you are, is self-confidence. Believing in yourself, no matter what is an Alpha trait that truly stands out. There is a fine line between self-belief and arrogance, and the Alpha is well aware of these boundaries. He is supremely composed, maintaining a steady, constant level of confidence.

No Explanations: No approval needed, ever. As an Alpha, he’ll follow his instincts, and does not feel he owes anybody any explanations. There is no urge within him to justify and validate his actions. The most obvious of all the Alpha characteristics is he is comfortable in his own skin and does not seek or look to for anyone for approval.

Competing With Other Alpha Males: The most glaring thing that you will notice when you see two alpha males interacting with each other is the battle for supremacy. Each one will try and get one over on the other, and as a result, they will both be constantly competing or arguing aptly called the ‘pissing contest’ which refers to how dogs mark their territory.

Feeling Threatened: Since there is a constant tussle between Alphas for supremacy, they tend to get insecure and threatened by the activities of other alpha males. The other alpha male is undermining their superiority and authority. This is one of the alpha male traits not seen in every alpha male, but only in the ones with insecurities about their position in the mix.

Everyone knows who these guys are. The traits of an Alpha Male are so unique and recognizable, almost everyone can instantly think of the Alphas around them. These guys seem to have it all. Money, women, success, leadership qualities, and ease of mind, so when building a believable alpha male, you need to understand the most typically seen alpha male traits. Start with these as a skeleton and work from there.

Have fun! J

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Teaser Tuesday - Ever the Same by Amy Romine

Twenty–three dead, seven survivors, a self-confessed mad man, and a little girl traumatized into silence. Now, fifteen years later the seven survivors are dying one by one.

Rachel Alton returned to Whitten’s Grove for one reason and that was to prevent a massacre. Her attendance at the local wedding of two of her best friends was just for fun. Then Ben Mitchell walked into the picture. Without warning, her oldest friend awakens her dormant heart, giving her hope for the future. She struggles to turn away, wanting to protect him. The clock is ticking, and Rachel alone fights against the inevitable. When forces from beyond throw Ben into the middle of the fight, will she walk away, or sacrifice herself to prevent a tragedy from happening twice?

The room smelled of a sweet grape and Rachel opened her eyes to a collage of purple. Every shade, accessory and accent of the color covered the walls and furniture. A young girl of eighteen sat on her bed, looking at Rachel curiously.
“I can’t find my scarf, have you seen my scarf,” the young girl asked Rachel, getting on her knees beside the bed and reaching beneath.
“No, I haven’t,” Rachel replied, scanning the room.
“Can you help me find it? I can’t leave without it,” the girl stated as she continued to reach beneath her bed.
Rachel stood and stepped toward the closet bursting with clothing all in different hues of amethyst. Spying a lavender scarf edged with sequined stars hanging from the doorknob of the closet, Rachel reached for it, the fabric brushing against her fingers. “Is this what you are looking for,” Rachel asked as she held it in her hand.
The girl smiled brightly as she skipped over, taking it from Rachel’s hands. “Do you like these jeans,” the girl asked as she studied Rachel and then turned to her closet.
Rachel stepped toward the photo littered vanity.
“My Dad hates them, but I think they are the bomb. I got them for thirty bucks at the resale shop on 4th, do you know it?”
“No,” Rachel replied, studying the hodgepodge of idols, family and friends. “I’ll have to check it out.”
“Definitely,” the girl replied, looking Rachel up and down. “Although your outfit is tight, I wish I could wear that, my tits are too small.”
Rachel smiled to herself, but continued examine the contents of the vanity. Endless shades of blush, lipstick and eye shadow. Lining the edges of the vanity were pools of hardened wax stemmed by candles.
“How do I look,” the girl asked.
Rachel turned to see that she had changed her shirt and tied the scarf around her neck. Before Rachel could answer, the girl leapt forward.
Hopping past Rachel to the vanity, picking up a tube of lipstick, she opened it and put it on. Looking at herself in the mirror, Rachel watched the girl focus on the texture of her skin as it lost its moisture and became sullen before her eyes.
“Amanda,” Rachel said softly as she joined her in the mirror. “Did you know him?”
“Momma always said that an outfit was incomplete without lipstick,” she said, ignoring the question and her decaying reflection. Rachel leaned forward, touching her shoulder, and Amanda’s skin became plump and rosy once again.
“You look beautiful…” Rachel said with a soft smile.
Amanda stepped away from the mirror and immediately grabbed her purse.
“No…” she replied as she stopped, staring down at the bed. “I never saw his face. I…I wish I could help you. I didn’t see him, but I…I can still feel him.”
“It’s okay,” Rachel reassured as she watched Amanda walk toward the door.
“You know, he said you would come,” she said in an uneasy voice.
“Who said?” Rachel pressed.
“Why did he do this, because of what I am?”
“I don’t know, I think so,” Rachel replied honestly. “But I swear I am going to everything I can to stop him.”
“You can’t stop him…” Amanda replied, her body beginning to quiver. “He… he knows you…he’s…”
“Amanda, what do you mean?”
She backed up fearfully against the wall. “He’s here! He’s watching…”
“No, Amanda, he can’t hurt you anymore.” Amanda went from cries of fear to pain to screaming agony. Her screams pierced Rachel’s chest sucking away her air like a vacuum. The girl’s screams stopped, Rachel stood staring into her beautifully jeweled fear filled eyes before Amanda’s body cracked liked an aged painting and disintegrated into thin air.
Rachel’s heart and lungs constricting beyond her ability to cope and she dropped to her knees. A knock echoed in her mind.


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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Awesome Excerpt Thursday ~ Kaidyn's Courage by Diana Waters

Book title: Kaidyn's Courage
Author: Diana Waters
Genre: M/M Romance / Fantasy
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Date published: March 15, 2019
Book length: Approx. 51,000 words

Blurb: Kaidyn is the son of the queen and a trainee officer in the kingdom of Sareen. He is also a Half-Blood—his father is from Iskandir, a neighboring kingdom which has been at war with Sareen for many years. Bitter and angry at the prejudice he faces, Kaidyn meets Sorin, a healer from one of Sareen’s most prominent noble families. As their relationship deepens, the war between Sareen and Iskandir grows worse. Not only will the pair inevitably become involved with the conflict one way or another, but Sorin is also hiding a secret, and time is running out for them both.

Note: This is the second book in the Wild Magics series (the first being the short novella, A Trust to Follow). However, both books are completely readable as standalone stories, as they take place in the same universe but feature a different cast.


“Oi! The Watch, run!”
Kaidyn’s ears had caught it, too—the clinking of steel as a patrol wandered nearby, perhaps attracted by the sounds of their struggle. No others could walk the city streets openly armed, even by day. Not that Kaidyn wanted to stick around any longer than his attackers. He had no wish to be locked up for the night either.
The man directly in front of him seized him by the collar of his shirt. “Something to remember me by,” he muttered, and Kaidyn knew his mouth was open but couldn’t hear his own gasp as he was dealt a final blow. The hit wasn’t in his stomach again, as he’d been expecting, but at the side of his head. It felt like an object struck him, not merely a fist, but something blunt and hard. He felt the blood begin to drip from the base of his skull and trickle down his neck. The world wavered around him as the last of the men ran off. Cowards, all.
Kaidyn took an uneven step, then several more. He tilted toward the ground but did not fall. Luck. Where is Luck? I have to find him, before...
He was still so angry, but his thoughts were leaking out of him along with the blood, the dizziness beginning to con-sume them. If I don’t hurry...
The stars were wheeling somewhere above him. When did I fall to the ground? He tried to search for a familiar landmark, but his sight was failing him. Kaidyn had either drank too much or been hit too hard.
“Oh!” Kaidyn heard a gasp, but it had not come from him. It wasn’t Luck, either. He tried to get up, to defend himself once more, but his hands met only empty air.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise—”
Kaidyn growled, his tone low and furious.
“All right, all right,” the voice soothed him. “I’ll just wait until you’re ready to walk again, shall I?” The unknown per-son sounded sympathetic. Gentle, even, and impossibly, unbearably kind. But that must have been in his head, because surely nobody who saw Kaidyn in his current state could be anything but disappointed, disgusted, or a combination of the two.
“It’s going to be all right,” the voice continued, and to Kaidyn’s astonishment he felt a cool hand touching his brow, brushing wisps of hair from his forehead. He could not remember the last time he had been touched with such tenderness. “I have you. You’re safe now. I won’t leave you alone here.”
Kaidyn shook his head, forcing his sight to clear. A pair of eyes stared anxiously back down at him and drew him in, as though calling him on from somewhere. But from where? Where...
He had definitely imagined that part, because this stranger, whoever he was, could not have known his name, much less the one reserved for his closest friends.
But he could not think any longer, he was falling, falling... and running again, running away from the pain and the bile rising in his throat, escaping everything but the darkness that finally overtook him to swallow him whole.

Author Bio: Diana is a New Zealander currently living in rural Japan. She has no idea where in the world she’ll be this time next year and is pretty okay with that. Other than reading and writing, her main passions include travel, amateur photography, and competitive swimming.

Author Twitter link:


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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Writing Warriors Wednesday ~ Write Like You're Already Famous!

My kids are constantly boasting about how I’m a famous author. I just laugh at them and say yep, that’s me the Famous Author Mom.

What makes us famous or even infamous? What makes anyone famous? Is it the amount of money you make—probably not. There are lots of billionaires. I don’t know them from Joe Schmo at the convenience store.  How about what you drive or your wearing Brand name clothing – these things will probably get you noticed. We all know just because we own expensive items does not mean we can afford them.  Being on all of the talk shows and having a billion YouTube followers? – Yeah, not so much.

To me – in my ever so humble opinion—being famous is about two things. Confidence and determination.

In a previous post – To blog or not to blog – we talked about marketing and how you are not selling books anymore you are selling yourself. It is a harsh truth. We all know Best Seller, and Award-Winning means nothing when it comes to selling books. Yes, it helps, it shows your marketing skills, but we have famous books – one comes to mind in particular—that were worldwide best sellers, had movies made based on them and the book, well, sucked.  There are two reasons for this – the Big 5 is one of them. We all know money = success. If you have the money to splash TV ads, print media and buy your way onto the best-seller list, you will have a profitable book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting any authors abilities and deserved success. There are a ton of authors that succeeded and deserve every accolade they get.

To the world an author’s success is based on volume. How many books have you sold? Well, that is none of their business, to be frank. No one but you and your publisher knows those numbers.  That – my friends is a good thing. Use it, do not let your sales or lack thereof stifle your writing or make your doubt your talent. Being famous is a state of mind. The perfect example of this is the Kardashians. Seriously, think about it. They were nothing, but they became famous because of their confidence in themselves and what they have to offer the world. And money – lots of money.

Let me put it this way – if you reached the top of the pile and your books were selling like hotcakes on a summer griddle would that change the way you write? Would it change the way you perceive your writing? Your goals? Your ability to continue to get better, hon your craft? Would you feel more creative freedom? Would it change the way you market your books?

The world – via book sales is telling you – wow you are awesome and famous! 
What does it mean?

Reality? It means nothing. Not really.

So why not act like you are famous now? You are. You are a published author! Do the work, hon your craft, edit until your eyes bleed, and market like you are on speed. You are already famous. Use it, leverage it – write like it. Don’t hold back, let the words and ideas fly. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing, right? You can only gain. Gain experience, and visibility which equals book sales.

Okay so don’t go nuts and start yelling “do you not know who I am?” when the barista screws up your coffee. But do walk into a room of other authors proud. Talk about your book on social media. Brag about your book at parties and events. List your self as Published Author on your resume, business cards and emails.

The point to his whole post is –
You have just as much to offer as the Kardashians (or whomever you want) if not more. Scream it at the top of your lungs and keep working because you are already famous, the world just doesn’t know it yet.

This post was partially inspired by an amazing book I read a few years ago – Write Like You are Already Famous by a good friend of mine, M. LeMont. This post is also inspired by my fellow authors who while sitting in a dim room pound out millions of words every year. Keep going. 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Teaser Tuesday ~ Finders

Now that Finders is off to the editor I thought I would give y'all another sneak peek. Enjoy!

Blurb When an expert Demonologist a meets a Reality Show Producer on the Ghost Hunting Show Finders, sparks of true love fly so bright even the Devil takes notice.

Demonologist Luke Melloy has seen the face of true evil. He's fought it and sent it back to hell. It's what he does. To Claire Westin, ghosts and demons are just great television and good for ratings. When faced with the truth Luke has seen, her reality is turned upside down as the two are swept into dire straits just moments after they meet. Desire sparks between the unlikely pair, throwing their hearts into chaos. Love was neither expected or wanted.

When the demon targets an unsuspecting Claire with his wrath, Luke finds his focus split between his oath to God and the awakening of his heart. Together, they must face the ancient evil and defeat it. Or lose everything.


Claire moved off to the right. Luke forced himself to not look in her direction, giving her needed privacy. Arranging his clothes to dry he left a drying rod for Claire’s things.

You’re a professional. Your attraction to this woman is superficial and based on the extreme circumstances of the moment. Nothing more. Focus.

Luke turned to the bed of leaves realizing his little pep talk wasn’t working. Running a frustrated hand over the back of his neck, Claire stepped into his eyeline, and he stopped. Her hair once pulled up and away from her face, was now a cascade of caramel dancing in the firelight. She moved carefully. Her bare feet unsteady on the rocky floor. The edge of his gray t-shirt showed off her long, toned legs but covered enough to tweak his imagination. Her blue eyes shone brightly despite the surrounding darkness. Luke struggled to focus on anything but the ravishing beauty walking toward him.

“Where do you want me to put these?” She asked, her eyes full of uncertainty.

“I’ll…” he started and then stopped recalling her need not to be coddled. “You can hang them here.” Luke referenced the piece of wood hanging over the fire. She stepped forward. Luke put another log on the fire and moved to the pile of leaves.

“How is this gonna work?” She asked, her gentle voice a small whisper from behind.

“The idea is to create heat through mutual body warmth, then trap the heat under the leaves to raise body temperature. Not the most ideal situation but it’s all we have until the clothes dry out,” Luke said, Claire was already shivering violently. He wasted no more time. “You’re going to lay down first, on your side facing the wall. I’ll lay down next to you, cover you with my body as much as possible. Once settled in we can cover ourselves with the leaves.”

Claire went from feeling awkward to not caring one single bit about her nakedness. She was freaking cold! Claire moved forward, the sharp rocks beneath her feet making her wince in pain. The glossy leaves were a comfort for her feet. She lowered first to her knees and then bent forward on her hands. She was shifting to get comfortable as possible, finding herself struggling without something beneath her head.

The sound of rustling and the delicious warmth of his body alerted Claire to Luke’s presence. His large arm slid beneath her neck to cradle her head, and she thanked God for miracles. Her body shivered in response. Luke started twisting, she could feel him draping the leaves over their bodies. Once finished his free arm wrapped securely around her waist pulling her solidly against his heated chest. If she would stop shivering, she could almost feel sleep pulling her away.

“No sleeping, princess.”

“No promises.”

“Not an option.”

* * * *

That's it! That is all you get!

Hope you LOVED it!

Finders will be out this FALL!

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Super Hero Sunday! ~ Armor of the Goddess - Red Heels

Undeniably, the color red is a sign of strength and power, the clout seekers of the world wear it like a uniform, and the most influential countries have it as part of their flags. It is known as the power tie, and a universal statement of, “don’t mess with me, you will regret it.”

Great leaders of the world wore red when making some of the most infamous speeches in history. There have been many songs have been written about its luster, and the color has been symbolized and condemned in the same thought.

After much thought on the iconic symbol of unforgettable women and all super-women I have decided red heels are the winner. Superman has his red cape, Superwoman has her red heels.

Have you ever watched a woman try on a pair of red shoes? There is a shy smile, a twinkle in her eye, and many times her cheeks will blush in embarrassment. Every woman on the planet owns a pair of red heels, and if they don't, it's because they haven’t found the perfect pair yet. Oh yes, you will find them in every closet, of course they may be hidden in the back corner, but they are there, waiting to be worn. There is no understating the confidence it takes to wear them either. We want to be able to back up the statement they send and some of us are not quite there yet.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, to wear a pair of red heels, even in the privacy of your own bedroom, is like an adrenaline shot to the heart. They exude power, confidence, sexual prowess, and most importantly--the armor it takes to be unstoppable.
Many will think that I am staking too much on a pair of shoes, that it is just a symbol of a confident woman with a sense of style. Oh no it is much, much more than that. There is a reason women do not wear red heels, and there is a reason they do.

Red heels are scary. If you wear them, people will notice, people will look, and you will attract attention. Self doubt closes in and suffocates those who are just not ready for that kind of exposure. So the heels sit at the back of the closet waiting for their time in the spotlight. It will come, someday, we just have to be ready for it.

The power of the red heel is not something to be trifled with, it is a double edged sword. The red heel definitely obtains the spotlight, but there are always critics who will not approve of the choice. We know as women we must be prepared for both, and in reverence to the red heel we must be strong and gorgeous or the magic disappears.

Wow Amy, you are going way overboard on this whole red heel thing…

Am I? Ask yourself, when was the last time you wore your pair of red heels, and how did you feel when you did, and why haven’t you donned your red heels lately?

The truth is red heels--your red heels, speak volumes about who you are as a woman, your strength, your passion, your fire. When you wear red you feel confident and in control. Wearing red brings excitement into your day. It is the color of stimulation, showing a sense of exhilaration, but also suggesting a demanding character. You are amazing and the red heels make sure everyone knows it! So pull them out of the closet, put them on, and prance around the living room, wear them to lunch, or pull them out for some fun in the bedroom.

They, my dears, are one of your many secret weapons, use them wisely and knock the world back a few notches! You are sexy, you are strong, YOU are unstoppable!

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